K Episode 8


Ah yes, now we’re finally getting to the point: The Silver King! So the Blue King has noticed irregular flying patterns of his blimp over the past few weeks. When Yashiro tells him that he had been framed and that the Silver King is most likely involved in the murder, the Blue King hardly hesitates to go after the big guy himself. They chase him down with helicopters, and in the next instant, he blows up his own blimp. *blink blink* This just keeps making more perfect sense, doesn’t it? And who knew that the bishie swordsman could fly a helicopter? Why he’s just full of surprises.

I haven’t talked much about the Blue King and Seri, but I really do fancy them as a couple (as I do Yashiro and bishie swordsman). The silence, blushing, and that purple alien dessert speak volumes about their relationship.

At this point, I’m still eager to know more about Yashiro before he got kicked off the blimp and what the heck the Silver King is doing. I also want more Red King action. Looks like we’re finally getting that in the next episode, plus some new characters. OooOOooo.

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