Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 8

Let’s Fire a Big Firework

So, Episode 8 starts off with Sorata receiving a pair of letters in the post. It’s the tiny details like this that make the characters come alive, but…the letters aren’t just typical ones. They’re an acceptable letter from the “Let’s Create a Game Contest” that he’s entered, and the second one is just a scrap of paper saying “What is Love?”…from Shiina. She has to learn about love for her manga, and this is just one of her ridiculously roundabout ways of doing it.

The first half of the episode is all about Sorata, surprisingly. It’s about how he tries again and again to rewrite his presentation, despite the fact that people fall asleep during it and look flat out bored whilst he’s talking, and how he tries every day up until the day of the heats where he has to give this presentation. However, when he arrives, he gets immense stage fright and becomes unable to actually present…resulting in his failure. Was it just stage fright, or did he actually get something wrong? After all, Shiina managed her presentation about the manga without appearing to put any effort in or visably trying. Sorata’s character with how he fought his own anger and his own self-loathing was really well executed and it’s delivered in the typical brilliant fashion that i’ve started to expect from this show.

After trying to cheer Sorata up, Misaki and Jin and up coming up with the ridiculous idea to hold a midnight pool party, complete with swimsuits…which has the exact opposite of cheering him up at first, until he gets knocked in the face by a a float and decides to stop moping. Every party isn’t complete without a wardrobe malfunction  as Misaki steals swimsuits and undresses people. As the party ends with them fleeing from school after being caught among a firework parade, Sorata finally realises that he’s got to keep trying and keep trying, probably thanks to Nanami’s heartfelt attempts to cheer him up…but without realising it, falling deeper and deeper in love with Sorata at the same time. How cute and adorable yet heartfelt~:3


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