Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 8

The Hour to Suppress The Princest

When did Mahiro learn that the army would help them destroy the barrier? I don’t think he’d approve of that, much. We start off with the entire japanese army getting ready to start using missiles and weapons on the magical barrier. As the army weakens, and distracts the mages, Mahiro and Yoshino take the initiative to break into the barrier. We learn soon that the weapons are putting a dent in it, but not as fast as the army would like. Arrow guy starts to get a little nervous that the barriers weakened, but he has everyone keep working to get the fruit to revive.

As the two boys break through the barrier, they get stopped by a very confident Samon. He thinks that they can’t do anything, and believes Hazake has passed on. Since Hazake isn’t there, Samon needs to bring her back to Japan, or Mahiro will shoot him.  Mahiro doesn’t care what happens to the world, so he doesn’t care if he has to shoot him, or doesn’t As long as he gets his revenge and the world is created anew. Samon is very content with saying Hakaze has passed on, and he has her skeleton and barrel to prove it. Now, this is the confusing part. Hakaze seems to have actually passed on in their current time. As we’re told she’s two years in the past. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but apparently it is. I’m not even going to say anything about this. I’ll just sound stupid till we know what’s actually going on.


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