Magi Episode 9

The Ninth Night: A Prince’s Duty

To continue on from last weeks flashback, we see what happened to Alibaba when he returns to Balbadd after his adventures with Aladdin, and how he ends up joining Kassim’s Fog Troupe. Even though Kassim betrayed him, almost killed him and tried to take everything from him, he still felt that they were family to each other, and all the while…Aladdin is sat listening, remembering what happened to the grandmother on the plains. After a heartfelt confession on Alibaba’s part where he spills his heart and begs Aladdin and Mor to leave Balbadd and never go back, but the two never have time to reconcil, as the Fog Troupe breaks in to ambush Sinbad before he can do anything against them.

Before very long, we end up with a confrontation of epic proportions as Sinbad and his group goes up against the Fog Troupe…and it’s a one sided slaughter on Sinbad’s side, however…he stops before taking Alibaba out, offering a leader verses leader battle to resolve things. However…even with Amon’s power, Sinbad defeats Alibaba with ease like it’s nothing.

…and then Sinbad asks to join the Fog Troupe after defeating the bunch of them and agrees to help them defeat the government. I feel slightly sorry for Jafar, getting caught up in all this and having to deal with Sinbad’s eccentric changes of heart. As the King of Sindria, he views this as his way to stop the chaos spreading around the world by cleaning up Balbadd’s internal revolt. How to do this? Well…the best way is for him to stake his claim as a prince of Balbadd and talk to the current leader of the country. However…Abhamd, the current king refuses to listen to a word that Alibaba has to say, and a new Magi appears, surrounded by pitch black butterflies.

It’s yet another soulful, entertaining, engaging, enjoyable and amazing instalment of Magi; and nothing more needs to be said about the show at this point.


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