Robotics;Notes Episode 8

I’m Nae Tennouji. Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too, former insane child who has a completely different personality in this world. Basically, all that cliffhanger stuff was just about JAXA Space Co-operation rushing to get the Robotics Club on their side to develop the giant robot that Aki talked about at the Robo One interview she gave. However, it didn’t take much to get them onboard…just a simple flashy pose and a bit of talk of justice and heroes of rightousness. At least, that’s what it appeared at first, but when the condition was to ditch the current robot that Aki’s sister started building, she actually turned JAXA down. I suppose such an act can appear favourable and stuff.

Elsewhere, Kai is still haunted by the Kagome-Kagome phone call from last week, and in investigating it with Sister Centipede, she reveals that a flag is needed before the next report will appear, even though it’s very close to them. To trigger the flag, a very simple set of instructions need to be completed…but they’re pretty strange requirements in the first place. Get SSS rank on a game and put it online, complete a racecourse in 30 seconds and push buttons. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Kai ends up trapped in the beat up building near the radar dome in his attempt to set the flags to read the second report, whilst the typhoon batters the island. Complaining and whining all the time, Kai ends up climbing back up to the dome in the middle of the typhoon, where an accident with the wind and rotten metal bars causes his to require one of his time slowdown sequences.

Passing out on top of the tower, it’s not until Aki ends up coming to find him thanks to Airi’s help that he gets off the tower, and ends up taking a long time in bed to recover…whilst explaining Airi to Aki, setting the final flag and obtaining the second Kimijima Kou report. I really loved the chemistry and feelings between Aki and Kai, and they just helped to create yet another great episode of Robotics;Notes. However, the more I sit and think about it, the more I reach something undeniable: this show is too slow to blog. It’s delivering killer build-up and slowly creating it’s world with immense style, but not enough is happening to rave about it weekly.


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