Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 9

An Autumn Storm Blows In

Waking up to find two girls in your room is something most guys dream of. However, these girls aren’t doing what you’d expect, and instead are more than happy to paint all over Sorata’s furniture and ruin it all in the name of Nyanboro or whatever.

Moving quickly onto school, Nanami’s on the warpath as rumours of her and Sorata living together and dating each other are afoot, so…she repells them by happily saying that Sorata’s gay for his friend. Again, it’s a very interesting way to deal with things…but the big surprise this week is Rita, Mashiro’s old roomate turning up at Sakurasou to take Shiina back to England

See, i’ve seen this in Bakuman recently. People say that manga is a waste of talent and that lot, and that’s the same here. I don’t exactly approve of people making light of what others do, but if Mashiro really is that much of a Van Gogh re-incarnated, it was only a matter of time until people wanted her to paint again.More to the point, though, there’s conflict mulling over in Rita’s head about something which went down with Sorata. Going as far as to say that she wishes that Shiina was gone and that Shiina “broke” her…sounds like some odd goings-on here!

Anyway, with Rita declaring war against Sorata, she starts by deciding that she’ll move into Sorata’s room and set up camp there, but more to the point is Akasaka “Maid-Chan” coming out of Room 102 to complain about the noise and claw back the attendance ratio needed to pass the class, whilst Shiina appears to have settled on her way of declaring war…giving Sorata a sharp mental jab every time she sees him.

With that problem appearing to be resolved, it’s time for the cultural festival, and on Misaki’s recommendation  the entire house of Sakurasou ending up doing something together. But before their interactive game comes together for everyone to enjoy, the conflict over being a painter might not have ended, as Rika has a very dirty move up her sleeve…showing everyone just how amazing Shiina’s paintings are.

A lot happened this episode, actually. Some of the big ones are going to be Rika verses Shiina over the painting issue and Akasaka actually going outside, but it really is only a matter of time before we find out just what level of the impact these things have.


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