Delays and Seasonal Preview!

Heya all, Alex here! The blog’s been a lately quiet lately with the delays from some authors around, but at the same time, we’re planning a few interesting features.

  • Firstly, there’s a seasonal preview now ready, listing all of the confirmed shows for next season…and remarkably, nothing stands out.
  • Secondly, the team will be changing around a little bit. If you’re interested in writing on the blog or becoming a part of it, message “meepinganime @ hotmail . com”
  • Thirdly, an awards show for the best of season stuff should be emerging soon, so look forward to it!
  • Finally, the manga section, after weeks of perfectionism from Doofus’s side should be ready to be released relatively soon, so look forward to that too.

Like always, if you have a feature you want to see or a show you want to cover, drop any of us an email or a comment and we’ll happily reply to you.


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