Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 9 & 10


Oh man, this episode was just full of silliness. I didn’t really take it seriously. It was good, nonetheless. When I say silly, I mean the entire scenario with the boyfriend scene. So Mahiro and Yoshino kinda have a talk with Samon, and Mahiro starts to agree with him and then eventually ditches Hakaze. He can just drop someone like that? How rude. I know I can’t just toss someone aside. That’s just how Mahiro is. He wants people that’ll get him what he wants, and if you’re no help. Well, you’re outta here.

While their arguments are going on, spear guy is out fighting the army, and turning their equipment into magic. Isn’t that army branch, the branch that knows a lot about magic? It really seems like they’ve underestimated the power of magic. These guys should have studied it more or something, because they’re just complete morons to go up against a mage.

Let’s go back to the three loons now. Yoshino ends up talking to Hakaze, and he remembers something Aika said. Something about Hamlet. Or Shakespeare in general. Where he wrote a story about a mage on an island, and everyone was saved. So, Yoshino thinks he can save everyone without anyone getting hurt. Which I’m interested in how he’s gonna do that. To get Mahiro back onto Hakazes side, he tells him “I’ll tell you who Aikas boyfriend was if we can get Hakaze back here, while you still get your revenge.” Samons face is just pretty priceless, I’ll say that. Once boyfriend is mentioned, everyone just freaks out. Not literally, but just that one word, everything is changed.

How to Make a Time Machine

This episode was pretty…ehh. It was basically a contest at who can get Mahiro to side with them. Samon doesn’t want the talisman activated since there is a way to bring back Hakaze, but he doesn’t want her to come back. Yoshino somewhat knows that there’s a way to bring her back, and he just messes with Samons head to get him to panic so he knows that there’s something up.  There was some action, but this week was just pretty bland. It was just a bunch of bantering to get their ways. Samons faces are pretty priceless though. He wants his way so he doesn’t have to bring Hakaze back. And he wants them to think she’s in a time prison, which she really isn’t.


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