Magi Episode 10

The Tenth Night: His Name is Judal

Very shortly after the “dark magi” appeared in last weeks finale, this week shows Ugo having an odd reaction to him, with the flute lighting up when he walked past. However, when he gets into the palace, Sinbad recognises the dark magi calling himself Judal, and how the Kou Empire is intervening even further, slowly strengthening it’s stranglehold on the country of Balbadd thanks to the manipulation of the bankers. With Alibaba utterly ignored and Sinbad in disgust over the appearance of Judal and the Kou Empire’s interference, as Aladdin pointed out, all that’s changed is that Alibaba has become some form of a figurehead, as Sinbad decides to spur the revolution along even further. It’s bad practice for a king of another country to get involved in this, but it’s all part of the “restoring balance to the world” theme that’s starting to show itself.

Judal appears in front of Sinbad after his little speech and starts spouting stuff about starting war and all that lot, but it’s all half-assed as he’s far more interested in Aladdin, a fellow magi…they don’t exactly “hit” it off. As Judal attacks Aladdin and then goes as far as to attack Alibaba, Aladdin’s “king candidate”, the feeling that Aladdin has to stop Judal starts to emerge. Using the staff he got from Grandma as a weapon, Aladdin summons the Rukh to defend him and the people. After facing the thunder magic of Judal face on, they finally seem to be on equal terms, with Ugo making an appearance to defend Aladdin. That is, until Judal starts using ice magic to attack the city and Aladdin with icicle spears. However, as Judal notices, Ugo is the only think enabling the pair of them to fight on equal terms, and when Ugo gets incapacitated with the icicle spears, Mor and Alibaba have to intervene to defend the helpless Aladdin, worried sick about the injured Ugo. Going berserk and ignoring Aladdin’s orders, Ugo delivers shocking blows to Judal, quite possibly slaughtering him in the process.As Judal lies quite possibly dead on the floor and Ugo heavily injured and refusing to listen to Aladdin, taking his magoi from somewhere else, the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Magi delivers it’s first battling episode, and it’s as amazing as I could have hoped it would be. With one hell of a cliffhanger, it’s almost unfair to wait until next week…sigh.


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