Pokemon: Best Wishes 2! Episodes 14 & 15 & 16

The Worlds Most Gorgeous Pokemon?! Cincinno VS Snivy!!
The Earth & Sky Tag Battle!!
Iris, Return to Dragon Village!

Episode N, huh? After the league ends (not looking forward to that), N appears to take a central role in the anime for the next group of episodes. It’s an interesting choice that he’ll join with Satoshi and co, but as for the rest…well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, the first episode is a filler and a half about Iris, Satoshi and Dento running into a trio of beauty queens and dressing up as elegant ladies to prove their Pokemon are beautiful and elegant  A comedy episode if i’ve seen one, but ah well…it never hurt anyone. If anything, it was amusing to watch Satoshi’s Snivy enter a cat fight. Following it up is…another filler. They run into a pair of brothers who claim to be the worlds best at tag battles and they go up against Satoshi and Dent. However, the brothers have mastered combination moves like Drill Wing to make for a really entertaining match. It was better than watching everyone dress up as girls, but the cheesy one liners belonged somewhere else. That said, it was really entertaining to hear the voice Obake of Steins;Gate’s fame breaking through in some of Dent’s “tasting times”.

In the third episode i’ll talk about, Iris returns to the Dragon Village in an attempt to avoid a certain someone, and we get to see a little bit about what the place she grew up in was like. We saw the Matriarch  the person who raised Iris, manhandle a rampaging Dragonite and Haxorous at the same time, and then we see her eye up Kibago to instantly tell how well it’s been raised. The comment about evolving was odd, but hey…Kibago probably won’t evolve. Along the way, we meet her childhood friend who’s raising a pair of Zweilous, and during her stay, one of them evolves into a Hydregion, and because of the drastic evolution, it goes on a rampage out of sheer surprise. In order to calm it down, Iris attempts to tame it by climbing on it’s back and bonding with it, similar to how she bonded with Dragonite previously. With the Hydregion all calmed down, Shaga (Drayden) shows his face, approving of Iris’s journey and telling her to battle him at his gym…and that’s the next episode.


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