Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 10

Hate, Hate, Love

You know, it’s an interesting start to the episode, to show Rita completely undermining Sorata in the storyboard and in what he thinks about Shiina. As all hands move towards the Nyanboron cultural festival and serve to support the failing Sorata, Akasaka seems to be the only person who sees Rita for what she is, and for what she wants to achieve…and doesn’t cut any corners in pointing out how hostile he is to her. In fact, Akasaka seems to be hostile to everyone, but maybe that’s just his way. It seems to be a popular topic here for failure to keep knocking at Sorata’s door, as he’s now starting to realise that he’s a failure as a director and simply needs an extra pair of hands…and the only person who can help is Rita.

Rita’s perspective on things is a really interesting one, a story of how no talent can’t stand up to talent, and how living that way for a long time will slowly destroy you from the inside. However, as she pours out her heart, Akasaka seems to be the only person who doesn’t care at all, infact, going the extra distance to kick the wet puppy, upsetting her even further to the point of hysterics  and causing her to run off…without batting an eyelid. Infact, his cold and calculating personality is something really enjoyable to watch as he rounds out the trio of geniuses by almost contradicting all of them.

I think that it may have been a little petty to quit and get all bent out of shape and distorted simply because you were constantly trying to compare to amazing talent, but I think it goes without being said that sometimes, you do let the pressure get to you, and that’s when you snap and just keep snapping again and again. One successful presentation later and Rita’s onboard for the cultural festival, and has some of her spark back to make fun of Akasaka. It wasn’t as funny as previous episodes of Sakurasou, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as emotional and enjoyable and previous episodes, because I thought it was. It was really well done and designed to show the strengths of it’s amazing cast of characters, and it deserves a high five for doing so well in that regard.


One thought on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 10

  1. I like that you’ve summarized the episode, but what did you think? Should Mashiron have gone back to the art world?

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