Hunter x Hunter Episode 58 (York Shin End)

Signal x To x Retreat


The Phantom Troupe kills me. I’m laughing to beats which are downright murderous.

For all his focus, it’s perhaps most surprising to not see Kurapika take the leading role in ”his” arc’s finale. By no means is his resolution weak or unmemorable. He reluctantly gives up his chance to potentially damage Phantom Troupe in a critical fashion, in turn prioritizing the life of those he hasn’t lost yet. It’s an altogether satisfying conclusion to his fight in York Shin, and although his inner turmoil with the spider still lives on, he’s saved himself to face that another day.

But that was all expected! Kurapika’s story of revenge, while the focus and well done, is perhaps the most simple and obvious element to the entirety of York Shin. Kurapika’s counterpart in this situation, Pakunoda, presents a much more interesting element as a member of group of verified killers, yet possessing the very same motive of attempting to save a life. For what is the source of a life-time of malice, Pakunoda’s goal is a noble one.

And honestly, Pakunoda makes for a very sympathetic character. While it doesn’t really apply too all of the Phantom Troupe, a good deal of them you might even feel like rooting for once in a while. Pakunoda easily falls into that, which makes her final moments just that much more tender. In particular the post-mortem scene where we view her memory in Phinks’ head, where she takes the hostages Gon and Killua to the exchange point. In conjunction with Phinks’ thank you to the boy, it makes for one of the strongest moments of the arc.

Course, a lot of what made this finale so good was clearly Gon. While pretty much in the background for a majority of the arc, his interactions with the Phantom Troupe and his clear desire to “save” Kurapika pull my attention from, well, Kurapika. It’s kinda cool how that managed to work, having both an arc with somebody else take the lead role, yet still have the protagonist steal the final moments. Without a climactic fight no less.

Kinda needless to say that the I thought the finale was brilli-Then there was Hisoka.

Goodness gracious Hisoka.

You are as beautiful as the anti-climax you got off on.

The Finale was great. York Shin was great. I’m just genuinely satisfied with nearly everything that went on here.

It was kinda hard to tell what sort of quality that adaptation would climb up to when it started off. Personally, I’ve only read the manga up to around mid York Shin, but I have the major feeling that as far as at least York Shin is concerned, the anime really got it. The same honestly goes to Heaven’s Arena, and it’s kinda odd to say that, considering how different the two arcs are. But it gives high expectations for Greed Island, and a turn toward what seems a more Heaven’s Arenaish Hunter x Hunter.


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