Hunter x Hunter Episode 59

Bid x And x Haste


Even as we’re moving onto a brand new adventure, seems some elements will carry over.

The opening theme for one, just like we always wanted: Always ALWAYS the same.


I was already ready to say that the Phantom Troupe was ready for a well-earned pause, especially with Kurapika leaving town with his mafioso buds. He, and likely medical student Leorio, will be out of the scene for a while again. But seems thanks to Gon and Killua, Phinks and Feitan have their intrigue tickled on the famed Greed Island game. I dunno if I can really expect them to play a large part, thanks a bunch new opening scenes, but it’ll be curious to see if other Troupers jump in on the session. Since best friends Phinks and Feitan are already in quite a bit before our heroes, they could even be a form of breaking in the game rules to us viewers. They’ve got to do something in their spare time.

As for the plan to actually acquire the game, it’s surprisingly simple in concept. Since they’re out of cash, instead of buying the game themselves, they enlist in the service of the one who does. Pretty solid in theory, as Killua asserted last episode. In practice however, things always seem to fall apart. With a game as infamous as Greed Island, especially for it’s deadliness,  it’s not worth letting low level chumps steal up a valuable player slot. An older hunter, Tsezguerra, further emphasizes the talent needed to survive in the game. The two boys aim to impress, and promptly fail to do so. Goes to show that despite their innate talent, they’re still small-fries on a larger scale.

Now with four days remaining until a screening for those who’ll enter the game, the boys have the perfect opportunity to take their Nen to the next level. We callback to previous concepts of Nen, most importantly to that of Hatsu, which is essentially a person’s special skill eg; Kurapika’s chains. Killua’s naturally got his method of moving forth figured out, taking his Transmuter attribute into high voltage territories, while Gon… Gon… Gon is a cutiepie? Definitely. It takes a little knowing wisdom of Gon’s mind from Killua, using the best friend art of torment to push Gon toward finding an ability. It takes some further advice from Kurapika to get Gon to get in contact with former master Wing for help, but Gon certainly has some legitimate frustration when confronted with his roadblocks. Kinda funny in that regard, as during their captivity in the Spider’s lair, it was Killua who came to a mental block of his own. Naturally, it was largely thanks to Gon that was put aside. They’re a real duo right there, with some honest to goodness give’n’take.

Regardless, it appears that as Enhancers go, their special abilities are as straightforward as they get. Looking at the formerly formidable Uvogin, that mostly rings true. His Nen concentrates where it makes most sense for a boy who wants some BOOM BAM BAM type of power.

More I think about it though, more curious it gets. Nen is kinda amazing isn’t it?

The existence of something like Greed Island got me wondering. How exactly does a game construct like it exist in the first place? These question might be a little premature with our knowledge of said constructs in the next to none category, but even on a base level, how does Greed Island even exist? As demonstrated in this episode, Nen can be instructed to accomplish certain things, like for example to protect the game console from outwardly harm. It was similar back when Gon first received his memory card, Ging had left all sorts of Nen trickery behind, even to the extent of commanding the Nen to delete the contents of a tape once it was paused. It’s similar to coding in that simple tasks can be carried out when given the correct instructions, and people can make games and stuff with all of it. So in essence, Greed Island is an extreme extension of that? What more, the world of Greed Island the opening and ending hint at looks expansive as all hell, so it begs the question how it even came to be. It’s an entirely different beast from Owl’s bag ability which creates it own space. Is it a world made from scratch, or are the players transported into some sort of Digiworld, or is Greed Island an actual place which exists in the real world? Considering it’s Ging who headed the game, any of those sound at least kinda plausible.

This is gonna be fun.

Killua is my man


2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 59

  1. Greed Island is probably my favorite arc as it gets back to adventuring. I’m not sure how the anime will play it out, but the manga did a good job of explain how things came to be in the game. It’s going to be a great ride :3

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