Gaming Review: Little Kings Story

It really isn’t very often that a game like this comes around, actually. Boasting to be a mash-up of Pikmin’s gameplay, Harvest Moon’s style and a really interesting art style with some odd tunes and voice acting clips, I wonder if the end result is something that almost tries a little too hard.

Basically, you play the role of a little king who’s recently set up his rule over a tiny area of land, and have to slowly expand it until you’re the ruler of the “world”, and you do this by micro-managing groups of your citizens. You can swap them around jobs like Farmer, Soldier, Handyman, Lumberjack and Hunter, but you’ll find yourself ultimately using the same jobs again and again, finding the bad ones and not touching them and using the good ones again and again. Your exploration team, conquest team and harvesting team will consist of the same jobs and preferably the same people because they’re the best at what they do, and that’s a crying shame when you consider how varied and creative they could have made the job system of your citizens.

Jobs and people aside, you take over the world by getting money to develop your kingdom and conquering other countries in a relatively interesting boss battle. However, after around ten hours of doing this it starts to get really repetitive  and developing new areas for your kingdom actually has little to no real gain for the player, with funds better used elsewhere, like promoting your citizens to higher jobs and upgrading their life and weaponry at varying points in the game. It actually feels really unrewarding to have a fully developed kingdom, especially when you stop to consider that the last few areas have almost nothing that’s worth having.

The final thing to talk about is the battle system. Unfortunately, it’s actually pretty flawed, with the way that it punishes you for having one of your citizens die, yet encouraging you to sacrifice citizens again and again and even levelling the bosses and enemies up to the point where it’s ridiculously hard not to lose citizens. Battling is also really basic, with it being regular point and click combat, lacking any of the style or creativity that’s packed into games which consider themselves similar , and whilst the flaws aren’t obvious at the start, the more you play, the more it becomes flawed.

Regretfully, all these flaws add up and make the end content more flawed than you’d like to think of it as being, severely hampering the enjoyability of the game and making it pretty frustrating at times, with the flawed combat and the way it punishes you quite heavily for making the most basic of mistakes. Ultimately, the game should be a lot of fun, but it’s just…not. It’s a really nice try, but it fails in the big picture, and the big picture is the only thing that counts in the long run.


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