Gaming Review: Trauma Centre: New Blood

It wasn’t very long ago that I reviewed the previous Trauma Centre, so it makes sense for this one to show it’s face shortly afterwards. However, I consider this one to be much better to the previous one. However, they ARE one and the same, with the only change being the few tiny tweaks to mechanics and the largely improved story, so I strongly urge you to play the first game and to have read my review of the first game, and well…if you’re lazy or don’t want to spoil the first game, all you need to know if that it’s got a very sci-fi theme with medicine as the base for everything. and it’s got some really unique yet entertaining gameplay.

The first game focused a lot on the sci-fi aspect of things, but this game accepts that as a possible flaw and balances the operations much better. Whilst this does mean that some of the harder operations are tougher, it also means that you’d be doing much more varied events. You won’t always be treating the sci-fi viruses, infact, what I consider to be the toughest in the game has nothing to do with the sci-fi viruses, and it instead dealing with victims of war. Is this a good touch? YES.

There is so much that makes this instalment of Trauma Centre better than the last, and that’s not because I don’t like the sci-fi elements…hell, I enjoyed the levels with the sci-fi viruses immensely, they were tough as nails.  It’s because it does everything that being a doctor on the cutting edge of medical science is all about; revolutionary brain surgery, impossible heart surgery, regenerations tumours…it does a lot of world building for the small amount of text that it’s given, and whilst this may be helped by the top-notch voice acting, the little things like a TV show animation appearing or the slight changes in facial expressions and music in the background go that extra mile. This is greatly helped by a simple fact: the story is dark, and dark is good. Hidden research, fire, kidnappings, murders, shootings and…and, well, victims of all sorts are here and they’re here to stay.

New Blood goes hand in hand with Second Opinion, and as such, it’s really hard to say a lot about a game which i’ve essentially already talked about, but two facts need to be pretty clear. Firstly, if you liked Trauma Centre’s first game, this one is a brilliant step in the right direction for you. Secondly, if you’re unsure where to get into the franchise, this is also a great place to start. Just like the previous one, it’s an amazing game and more than worthy of it’s spot in your library of Wii games, if only for the improved difficulty on the almost-perfected gameplay mechanics.;


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