Hunter x Hunter Episode 60

End x And x Beginning


Melody is such an unambiguously sweet person. Thank you to York Shin for letting her out alive.

Such is farewell, as the cast members of York Shin exit stage left. Kurapika (and Melody) leave without a word to Gon and Killua, as you’d expect him to. Gon in turn, is as upset by this as anyone would be, but as things are, Kurapika is out of town, which is for the best. Kurapika can best concentrate on his goal of collecting the scarlet eyes of his kin, away from all the hustle and bustle of murder and revenge. Leorio returns to his medical studies as well, receiving Melody’s unknowing blessings, and say his goodbyes to the boys. To be honest, as little as Leorio gets to do, it’s always a pleasure to have him around, the guy radiates charm.

As for Zepile, he fulfills his promise to the two boys and gets them their money back, and is determined to gain big bucks himself by entering the Hunter’s exam to get himself a license. Well… he’ll live, probably. The human blob was also somewhere in this episode, but he’s gone now, so breathe a sigh of relief.

And with that, the tonal shift to the next arc finally feels complete. So here comes Greed Island, out with the old and in with the new! Like this whole batch of fresh characters here whose faces we see for the very first time.

We get our first introduction to them in the form of know-it-all Puhat, at the selection site of Battera’s Greed Island players, in a scene which does a great job of contrasting what I like about Gon and Killua. From Gon’s straightforwardness and simple answers for all that faces him, to Killua’s (my favorite little dude) relative complex thought process and his knack for, perhaps habit of, analyzing any given situation. But in the end they both do what they do best as seen back with Wing in Heaven’s Arena; blowing away expectations. Walls too!

So they pass with flying colors while shocking the pants off Tsezguerra, and sign a contract with the help of Leorio before he skedaddles. The essence of the agreement is that Battera and co. waive any responsibility for deaths that may occur, claim possession on any sweet loot found in the game, and in return has 50 billion cash reward ready. But enough about that, Gon finally enters the game.

He’s warped into a strange and pretty rad looking room, where he’s promptly dumped with all the crucial rules to the game. Gon doesn’t get it. Times like this makes you really appreciate having a smarter pal follow you around everywhere. In addition to all the rules mumbo jumbo, the game construct also provides Gon with a secret taunting message from Ging. That’s pretty much all the message is, and I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if Ging isn’t some equivalent of a big jerk in real lif-ahaha wait, what am I even talking about, this is the guy who left his kid behind while gallivanting the lands making really intricate video games, there’s no way he isn’t the biggest jerk.

Final notes; Greed Island is humongous and in a way that adventures should, the strange fairy tale building in the middle of an expansive world captivates me. Also, Togashi’s well known and documented Dragon’s Quest obsessions really shows.


2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 60

    • Really wish I could give an answer to this, but having not actually seen the original version, I’ve got jack all to say.

      Except that this version is hot stuff. And seeing as it’s likely to proceed past the point the original adaptation + OVAs went up to, you should give it a shot.

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