Magi Episode 11

The Eleventh Night: A New Visitor

To follow on from last week, we have the situation where Ugo went berserk during the fight against Judal, who Ugo promtly finishes off with a killing blow. With everyone emerging from shelter from Ugo’s attacks, even more people show up, and one of these is from the OP, leading you to believe she’s either a dungeon clearer of the Kou Empire or yet another Magi. After they’ve saved Judal from the brink of death, the Kuo Princess decides to have a one on one battle against the still rampaging Ugo, and slices through him in a single hit, returning him to the flute. Then, as if it was the winners permit, they attack the innocent citizens, with Alibaba, Mor and Sinbad’s guardians struggling to keep them at bay, as Aladdin goes against the Princess…and, well, if Sinbad hadn’t pulled rank, it would have turned pretty foul pretty quickly. Then again, she’s just tsundere for Sinbad…however, that doesn’t mean things are okay yet. Alibaba’s still got an uphil climb as he’s now got armfulls of injured citizens to deal with, and Aladdin’s flute is missing Ugo’s star. To add onto things, Mor has her own hatred to deal with, as she’s got to deal with her self loathing over the inability to do anything.

Alibaba in a self of self hatred, Mor cursing her inability to do anything and Aladdin having drained almost all of his life force, Sinbad appears to be the only person who’s coping, as he’s also the only person who can keep a calm head when the Deputy King turns up to support Alibaba with words of praise and a cryptic warning of how the Kou Empire and their paper money have been pulling the strings and slowly enforcing the strangehold on the country, as the king eventually started trading away the human rights for the paper money, creating a slave factory where only the nobles lived happily…basically, the world Alibaba’s seeing around him.

The start of the episode was pretty much what you’d have expected or could have guessed, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted that they’d change tact so quickly, instantly jumping into the next part of the arc and giving Alibaba’s revolt a new purpose.


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