Magi Episode 12

The Twelfth Night: Determination and Separation

Last week showed the plans to turn Balbadd into a slave farm so that they could sell all of their citizens on for cash (wow, that feels like a long time ago), my interest now lies on just how this will handle it. Will it go down an action packed route as you struggle to free the city, or will it show diplomacy and politics in action as you argue everyone free?

At any rate, with Aladdin out cold and no indication that he’ll be waking up anytime soon, all that’s left is Alibaba to feel worthless underneath Sinbad’s charisma and ability to lead, and it’s degraded to the point where even Sinbad expects nothing from Alibaba. The situation degrades even further with the conclusion that Judal’s the driving force behind the rapid expansion of the Kou Empire. That’s nothing that we couldn’t have guessed by now, but having clearance that Judal is the “bad guy” is probably for the best, bringing everyone up to speed.

Magi doesn’t disappoint me when it comes to the matter of angst and worrying, and even though Alibaba does have a huge flaw in his character that he lacks confidence and is kinda sorta a little bit angsty over this, it’s handled in a really stylish manner and feels like it’s been polished to a shine…and that’s because it has, with the characters all working with each other to deliver everything. You’ve got the re-appearance of Kassim in this episode, and him and his plans of conquest to topple the king and free the country, and the shifty arms dealer that’s supporting him and his ambitions.

This episode was about Alibaba developing as a character without Aladdin pulling him along, but not only that, it’s about all hands moving to battle for the future of Balbadd…and it’s getting even more epic than before.


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