Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 12

The Power of Love at the Cultural Festival

After every firework display, there’s the aftermath where you’re just sat looking up at the empty night sky, and this episode of Sakurasou covers both the fireworks display and the aftermath with style and flair that are really unusual to find in any romance anime. You’ve got the awesome performance of Nyanboron, acted out in full by all of the cast and animated to a glittering sparkle, with everyone’s talents used for their own reasons, and Shiina’s departure to England almost straight afterwards. Well, maybe. At the least, Rita’s games of matchmaking and ensuring that Shiina is with people who treasure her, everything comes out into the open with a flair.

Be it Sorata and Shiina’s relationship changing and evolving ever so slightly by admitting that they’re in love with each other, even if it’s just to themselves, Misaki’s driving lessons paying off in the epic dash to the airport or Rita and Akasaka’s “relationship” given an interesting new twist, this episode of Sakurasou was moving and powerful, whilst doing it’s best to stay away from the bad things which plague these kinds of series, and continues to deliver a really engaging romance. The only thing that’s got my interest now is just how the show plans to move on from this.


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