Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episodes 10, 11, and 12

Part 2: Battle Tendency

New York JoJo!

Holy crap. Jojo’s grandson, Jojo is my new favourite character. Man. Jojo is a loonytoon and can’t control himself once he gets in a fight. Here we are, in America. The home of the brave. The place where cops are pigs. and I must say wow. I was so happy they made that fat cop look like a pig because that’s basically how cops here are. Especially in the 1930s and what not there was a ton of racism. A cop would find any reason to beat an African American up. They still do, really. I must say they handled it nicely.

So, Jojo is just this really spunky kid. He does as he pleases since he’s a tough guy and he knows about his powers, but not to it’s full extent. He’s very rash and doesn’t think often when he does something. Like, fighting with the pigs, beating on the taxi driver, and pulling a tommy gun on Straits. Now if you haven’t read the manga, which I’ll just assume everyone hasn’t (I’m currently catching up on it all) Straits is our villain, so there’s no more Dio for now. I’m curious as to how Straits will take care of Jojo but once I catch up with the manga I’ll probably have a better idea of everything going on. I’ve heard the anime is nothing like the manga.

Game Master

So. Me and my brother watched this together. This is the second episode he’s seen of Jojo, so I had to tell him what was goin’ on. It’s always 10x better when you watch it with someone! We were both cracking up at the slightest things. Such as Straits, with his little scarf, that ended up getting destroyed by grenades. I have no clue where Jojo got these grenades, but dayum. It must be because he’s rich, or because he’s got friends in places. Or, there’s always that chance of “Because he’s Jojo.” I don’t know who has the time to get 30,000 Southeast Asian Sadhiporaja beetles and make a scarf. But wow, why. Looks nice but I think it’s just a waste.

And my favourite quote so far in Battle Tendency would have to be “We use our legs, and we book it, Smokey!” I think I died. I wasn’t expecting that at all. As they run away, a news reporter comes and takes pictures of the incident. Straits sees this as an opportunity to take a hostage and he finds Jojo on either the George Washington Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge. Where he threatens to break her jaw/take out her teeth. And, of course. Jojo being Jojo, he’s so calm and collective and just says “Eh, she’s not my girlfriend or anything so why should I care about some hag?” After that, straits just bugs and annoys him to where he eventually fights with Straits. He uses that laser beam that Dio uses and Jojo just reflects it with a shot glass. Which ended up reflecting and hitting Straits in the forehead. He only wanted to know one thing before Straits dies, and that was why he threw Speedwagons body in the river. He got what he wanted, and information he won’t understand till he meets this bizarre “Pillar Man”. Jojo’s a real smooth talker with that hag too.

And then we meet Nazis.

The Man in the Pillar

So, back to the Nazis, Jojo decides to take a trip to Mexico to pay a visit to “The Pillar Man” that the Nazi’s are trying to revive for “The perfect army” I’ll guess. on his way there he fights some dude that we don’t really need to care about. Because, we all are pretty much concerned about Josephine, right? Such a beautiful woman. She even brought us tequila. Those Nazi guards were absolutely horrified. Poor Jojo doesn’t deserve that if he wants to be beautiful! But man oh man, those Nazi’s are some huge pigs. I don’t even want to bring up what they did. Jojo just ends up beating them up and taking their clothes. I don’t get why he had to undress both of them for one outfit.

Speedwagon is conscious, and about to meet “The Pillar Man”, with the Nazi general. They named him Santana and the General thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that this guy just woke up from a 2,000 year slumber and slips, scratches his head and acts like a caveman. Soon enough they learn something, that he can evolve pretty fast. It’s not so funny when he devours an enemy and breaks all of his bones to get into air vents, now is it? Santana ended up taking a soldiers body, and turning it into some huge, fat, blob thing. Then he devoured their bullets and imitated a gun, to shoot those bullets at the people. Guessing Jojo’s disguise worked, he ended up getting there in time to save Speedwagon.


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