Review: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki


Recently, 2-3 minute episodes have become a really unfortunate trend, and everyone wants to do them with their comedy manga or anime nowdays. Poyopoyo may be one of these, but unlike every other one, it’s consistent in providing entertainment and laughs over the 52 episodes that it ran for.

It’s basically the story of a girl who has a very fat cat, and who loves this fat cat very much. As pet owners will know, when you love your animal, especially a cat, it starts to dominate your life without you even realising it. You start buying more food just for the pet, or you start sleeping awkwardly so that the cat can have your bed. The writer of Poyopoyo clearly understands what it really means to have a cat, as the situations which he comes up with are scarily realistic, and the reason why it’s funny? Because it’s one of those moments where if you saw yourself, you’d laugh at yourself. Whilst this does mean that a large percentage of the humour will be lost on people who don’t own a pet, specifically a cat, you can still enjoy the comedy thanks to everything else that this show does right.

See, you don’t actually meet the characters for very long, what with the episodes being really short and so forth. However, a large amount of slice-of-life is crammed into this, and a huge amount of realistic human characters are born as a result of this. The hard-working father, the brother, even the doctor are all characters who’ve been realistically thought of and realistically designed, in a similar vein to the jokes which the series runs with. Therefore, even if one or two of the jokes fall flat on their face and you just don’t understand why it’s so funny, it’s still funny, thanks to the characters behind it and the presentation.

That’s really it in regards to this series, you know. It’s a realistic, slice-of-life comedy for cat owners to notice themselves within and laugh at themselves. I own a persian cat, so I really got some of the inside jokes which were made and that may be why I found it funnier than most other things, but the way that everything has one aim is really…well, really powerful. The animation, the track in the background, the voice acting…it all wants to deliver that one punchline every episode, and you know what? It will deliver every episode. Whilst it may not have you in fits on the floor, a show that can make you chuckle to yourself 52 times is amazing in my book. It’s an example of what comedy can be when it’s done right, and shows should learn a lesson from this show. If every show could deliver a laugh an episode, well…the world would be a better place.



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