Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 40


Sigh. I knew it was coming, but Gerger and Nanaba? You two… you two did good.

As the Beast Titan climbs Wall Sina, the stragglers at Castle Utgard reach the end of their rope. Gosh, sucks to be them. The fight was always stacked against them, and with both remaining soldiers running out of gas for their 3D Maneuver Gear as well as swords to fight with, they were dead the from the start. It was a deliciously cruel case of dramatic irony though, to bless Gerger with a final swig of wine only to find the bottle empty, the alcohol having been used on Ryner’s wound the previous chapter.


Real jerk move from the author. I like it.

Now with the experienced soldiers improperly digested, the rookies stranded atop the tower are by all means sitting ducks. As Connie bemoans their fate of a dying a meaningless death, Christa crosses a line with Ymir when she sounds like she practically wants to die. Ymir’s point being that there’s a difference between fighting valiantly ’til death like Gerger and Nanaba, and to attempt to die valiantly, for praise or whatnot. It’s a similar issue carried over from last chapter with Berthold (Berholdt? Bertholdt?) claiming Ryner is no longer a warrior like he once was, with his near suicide dive.

Also, I didn’t catch it on my first read, but there’s a curious close-up on one of the senior soldier’s gas tank during the scene, when Christa speaks? Stuff like that, man, stuff like that usually comes back in one way or another in this manga.


Moving on though, we’re taken to a flashback with Christa and Ymir (feat. some injured guy Dazz) in their training days. Trekking back to base with a snowstorm pounding down on them, Christa dragging fellow unconscious trainee Dazz in an valiant attempt to save his life! But not really. As Ymir explains it, Christa is an illegitimate daughter driven from her home, as death was the likely other option, with a desire to leave the impression she’s an amazingly good person even with her own death. Otherwise she’d just be a “bad, bad girl”. Christa isn’t even her real name! It does put a lot of her behavior into perspective though, but right now the more interesting element is in Ymir, who claims to have been given a second chance in life, retaining her name proudly. Oddly enough, with all the mysteries surrounding her, Ymir seems like a pretty decent person with decent values.

Jumping off cliffs with a dying man is a pretty decent thing to do.


With Ymir disappearing with Dazz, presumably after having actually jumped off the cliff, Christa arrives back at camp to find both of them still very well and alive. And so the flashback ends, essentially giving the final clue to the nature of what Ymir is, the growing suspicious from since the first spoken line from a Titan mentioned her name. We see her wavy resolution as she decides that this is where she needs to make a stand, with the dawn of day finally showing itself from behind the mountains, an-SHE’S A TITAN, I FREAKING KNEW IT.



Oh but for her to be the same Titan from Ryner’s and Berthold’s past? Yeah, that’s a mouth-gaping moment right there. More than that, her Titan form is much more human-like in the present than what the flashback shows. Goes right in-line with the Titan’s originally being human theory, although it raises a few questions as to the whole nature of titan-humans. Whether it’s a natural process all titans gradually go through, or if not, what equates a titan becoming human again. But if it’s a natural process, wouldn’t at least one titan who became human again be capable of informing people of what they’ve gone through?

Eh, too little to go on.


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