Hunter x Hunter Episode 61

Invitation x And x Friend


I’m starting to think the Troupe forgot to teach Bonolenov how to speak. Or that he exists.

I had to look up that name.

For all of it’s infamy, Greed Island seems surprisingly pleasant. Expansive grass fields to towns full of clueless NPCs, the game itself shows very little danger of it’s own. Even the spell cards which players can use on each other have no apparent offensive capabilities, rather granting standard effects an item would provide such as quick travel or information on an enemy. This being a humongous homage to the RPGs of olden days (DRAGON QUEST DRAGON QUEST), there’s bound to be dangerous encounters out of town and other perilous game constructs awaiting those who quest for the more difficult prizes, such as the higher ranked cards (SS – S – A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H) scattered across the land.

But for all the immense amounts of MASSIVE JERK I feel radiating from Ging, Greed Island’s infamous nature may not stem solely from the game alone, but rather from players such as the hinted Bomber, who has already claimed the life of one of Battera’s hired men. So essentially, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the setup Online Game (now with Full Life Consequences!!!). For what it’s worth though, this is the first full length episode on Greed Island. And we’ve thus far clearly established the magic system at the player’s use while revealing relatively little, while addressing the issue of player abuse and abuse of the system, while demonstrating player tendencies and the world mechanics at work. It’s a surprising amount of information, and while it could easily feel overwhelming as it nearly did last episode, it’s provided with grace here.

Gracefully, like how Madhouse spoils twists before they even introduce themselves. It could be a fake-out maybe?? But for us new watchers, really, might as well be the most disappointing aspect of Greed Island thus far. But for an arc that’ll apparently last for the next half a year or so, I guess it’s small pittance. There’s far more here than that one twist, after all.

Our good ol’ buddies of the Phantom Troupe for one, of whom Phinks and Feitan are currently in the game for their own amusement. While Franklin struggles to read puny human books, Bonolenov is busy practicing his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Lexiconic Matters, and Machi sits by the grave of… aww man. Shalnark in the meanwhile decides he wants himself, along with Shizuku and Kortopi, to enter the game for Troupe related matters. There’s no other thing he could be talking about than “that”. Ready for a round of simple, straightforward and more than likely obvious speculation?

Round Start!

At this point in time, the central Troupe related matter would be to return the status of their recently missing boss back to normal. For that, they need the abilities of Nen Removal, meaning that inside the game there must either be a) an item which does just that or what I’d imagine to be far closer on the mark b) a person with such skills. So perhaps akin to how he initially learned of Nostrade’s bodyguards, he has once again acquired a list of names. While I could picture that the names of all the players who entered the game through independent means might not be available, although not entirely without merit, we did just have a large Greed Island participation test. With capable Nen users lining up to join, might a mythical Nen Remover be amongst them? Who could it be, maybe Puhat? Mister tall and lanky, or little miss goldilocks? Nervous OP guy,vaguely vicious looking duo, dead body man??!

The possibilities are indeed endless.

Lack of cast names aside, Precocious Loli does take an interest in our protagonists with Gon’s refusal to join Mister Glasses’ and Barely Shaven’s alliance, so we’ll have at least one more name to work with soon enough. Between Killua delivering a pant wetting moment to a senior player right off the bat, and Gon’s ability to discern what’s off about the game after very little time there, Greed Island is off to a solid start.

Now on to adventure.


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