Gaming Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Okay, so, where should I start with this? A very long time ago, Nintendo had a game about an angel fighting Medusa. Then as a blast from the past, the angel of that game appeared in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Now, the same angel stars in his own game yet again, and it’s a game that’s worth buying a 3DS just to sit and play. That’s right, the 3DS finally gets a groundbreakingly amazing game!

The gameplay comes in two halves. One half is the on-rails shooter, where Pit, the starring angel of the game has a guided flight path and has to shoot the enemies in the way before they kill him. They can range from run-of-the-mill monsters to large, screen-filling monsters, with all of them out for your blood.  The other part of the gameplay is an on-land battle, where you control Pit and traverse the level, until you reach the epic boss at the end and finish them off. This…well, this changes quite vastly depending on what weapon Pit’s got equipped. He can use a bow, a gunblade, a cannon, or any of the vast amount that the game throws at you. They all have different pretty effects and different stats to them, and if there isn’t enough in the game to satisfy you, you can even craft your own by fusing existing weapons together to change the effects that new ones have.

The control system is somewhat odd, actually. It’s done using the Circle Pad, the Touch Screen and the buttons, and whilst it’s really awkward to get used to at first, after a little while it clicks and feels really natural, with the only problem being that you get wrist cramp after a few levels if you’re playing it on a high level difficulty, which…well, to talk about the different difficulties in the game is like opening a whole new can of worms. The game’s difficulty can be set before you go into every level, and the higher/lower you set it depends on what you get out of the level. It’s a really nice feature, and one that’s been really implimented…and it gives you a chance to replay the levels you love all over again.

However, so far, i’ve missed the best part of the game: the story. The world of Kid Icarus is filled with delightfully designed characters, with some really brilliantly written dialogue, only backed up by some amazing voice acting. The dialogue makes epic scenes epicer, and the rest of the time…? It’ll have you wetting yourself. It’s just that funny. One occasion springs to mind as Pit and Palutena are just having an everyday chat, but it’s FUNNY. It’s REALLY FUNNY. It may be slightly corny and cheesy, but it’s still brilliant. In fact, it’s so brilliant that I would happily listen to the game’s story on a drama CD or something like that, the story and the dialogue are just that amazing.

Looking at Kid Icarus after finishing it, i’m amazed by just how deep and complex it is. It’s got the customization and the collectors aspect nailed, with little trophies to collect in the game, there are more weapons to collect than I can remember, the unlockables are well placed and well thought out, and the gameplay itself is pretty flawless. I can’t deduct points for being a little unusual and a little unique, but once you know it, you know it…that’s all there is to it. It’s not as hard as people would have you believe, and the unusual gameplay fits the unusual story to a T. It’s just…one of those games that can restore your faith in video games and the whole element of creativity and uniqueness. It’s absolutely brilliant, and a perfect example of just what Nintendo can do when they put their mind to it.


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