Gaming Review: New Super Mario Bros. U

This review will fill you with a sense of “Oh, haven’t I been here before?” and “Deja vu!” because that’s what the game is. It’s a rehash, with everything that we’ve seen before…three times before. This makes the fourth instalment of the New Super Mario Bros franchise, and yet again, the content is disappointing.

Everything is the same as it was on the DS, and the Wii, and the 3DS. It’s got the same annoying tunes and the same graphics and images, with the same physics and the same levels. It’s got the obligatory “Large Mushroom” level, the “Cloud World”, the “Larger than Life” world, the castle with the rolling flames, the water levels with the fish which stalks you…every single idea that you see in these levels has been directly ripped from one of the other instalments in the New Super Mario Bros franchise, minus one or two unique levels built around a gimmick that someone decided to introduce. When it’s combined with the images and the music that you’ve seen and heard before, you actually get a little bit bored…it’s like you’ve playing the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…it’s even boring to write.

I know that i’ve made it sound like it’s all the same content, and I apologise for that. There are a very few things that are new, like the story, and the “must have” brand new powerup, the Bat/Squirrel suit. However, they suck. Bowser, using his airship fleet, flies right up to Peach’s castle, and boots Mario, Luigi and the Toads out using a giant fist that comes out of his airship. They go flying all the way away to a previously unexplored part of the Mushroom kingdom that JUST HAPPENS to be really close to Peach’s Castle, and thanks to the newly designed overworld (worlds aren’t separated anymore, it’s all one screen), you can watch it change. To…to be frank, the story is bad, even for a Mario game’s standards. On top of that, the new power-up is…basically a bat. Mario turns into a bat and can glide around and  hang onto walls like a bat. It’s the obligatory flying power-up, and nothing but. It’s a pretty poor excuse for one, though.

I know that it sounds bad and that it sounds like the same thing, but it’s not exactly a bad thing. It’s still pretty fun and pretty enjoyable, but if you didn’t enjoy the previous New Super Mario Bros instalments, then you probably won’t enjoy this one. It’s just the same thing that’s been polished a little bit more. Please, please…don’t let me see another New Super Mario Bros game. Do something new and exciting…please.


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