Magi Episode 13

Prince of the Rebellion

The best people do amazing things when backed into a corner, and that’s what’s happened to Alibaba now. Complete with a new flashy OP that’s actually really fitting to the series, the episode appears to be progressing in some rather interesting ways…like showing how that Kou Empire princess is being forced into a political marriage in Balbadd, of all places…probably part of the way to force themselves in.

As Alibaba approaches the palace, the moment he gets into the plaza, his “brother” makes the banker set a little pet of the Kou Empire on him, a deformed Elephant monster, and to be quite blunt, he gets his ass kicked again and again until he finally manages to manifest Amon’s blade…and from here, it’s just a mtter of wiping up the monsters that the Kou Empire is supplying before Alibaba runs out of magoi, and it’s not until Mor appears to knock some sense into Alibaba and cover his back that he realises what his true purpose here is. It’s not to deal with a bunch of deformed monkeys, it’s to go sort out his kingdom. It was pretty entertaining to see Mor get “serious”, and it was also pretty fascinating to see Alibaba play dirty after he’d run out of magoi.

With all three of the elite guards taken care of, it’s time for things to turn to diplomacy…and the first move is for Alibaba to sway the army and go up against the king. With the help of the deputy king and the military commander, the episode draws itself to a close just before Alibaba and Abhmand get to have their friendly talk.

It’s pretty clear that this episode of Magi has a new budget or something similar to work with, as it doesn’t hesitate to delvier some of the best action scenes to date and continue to push all of their characters even further forward, backed up by some pretty interesting new OP’s and ED’s. Right now, this series is really good, but I have a big problem…and that’s that Aladdin hasn’t done anything for a long time now. Whilst I know that this show will be a long one (if it’s only 2-cour, it’ll clearly get a second season), I just don’t like having people doing nothing.


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