Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 13

Just a Stone’s Throw to Winter

There are only so many warped things that your dreams can show you, and I suppose that after you’ve had an exciting experience like Nyaboron, it makes some form of sense for poor Sorata to be dreaming of everyone turning into Nyaboron, but Sorata’s not the only one having trouble. Rita’s finally text-raped Sorata enough to get Akasaka’s text address, and Jin and Misaki’s relationship is reaching new highs. Nanami’s also having her own problems with relationships as she’s stuck in the same place as she has been previously, but everything around her is ever so slightly moving…well, it would be if Sorata wasn’t so dense. It seems that he forgot Shiina’s capable of falling in love like a regular girl.

We get a pretty entertaining scene where Misaki puts a bad idea in Shiina’s head about cooking lunches for Sorata, and…well. Giving someone with no wordly experience a knife is never a very good experience, and it ends in a lovely little cut on Shiina’s finger…which gets in the way of her manga pretty well.

As Sorata gets another rejection letter about his game, him and Shiina finally confront each other over the issue that Shiina’s had ever since Rita left her, and although it doesn’t go anywhere, Sorata and Minami’s relationship takes quite a drastic step forwards as he agrees to go out on a date with her Christmas Eve. It’s pretty interesting to see that all the characters are still having problems, as there’s normally the “calm after the storm” in these kind of shows…and with next episode jumping into Christmas Eve, here’s my fingers crossed for Nanami to finally get her wish.


2 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 13

  1. You say that you want Nanami to win, but isn’t it stupidly obvious that Mashiron will win, because she’s the main character?

    • No, I don’t think so. The show’s done SO MUCH to avoid every other troupe and cliche or, in the event that it uses them, it learnt how to use them to it’s advantage. I think that if Shiina does end up “winning”, the result from Nanami will be more than worthwhile.

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