Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 41


Man, they did the whole “names back to back” thing with the chapters titles.

Aww man.

No wasting time here though, as Ymir gets right into ripping through mindless heaps of Titan. A thing of beauty. Too much beauty. But with the more Ymir Titan struggles, the more damage the remaining tower sustains, putting Christa and gang, mostly Chista, in major danger. All of whom can’t even begin to get over the fact Ymir is in actuality another human Titan. Yet in a bold move on the author’s part, these guys aren’t reduced to total morons. Even dumb ol’ Connie! Ymir’s reasons for hiding her secret, her contrast to Eren, and eventually her potential loyalty based on their shared history. They all come up. So happy with this.

I could kiss you two right now.

Desperate measures or not, Ymir simply can’t handle the entire hoard on her lonesome. Being cool can only take you so far in this world. And I don’t know how the author manages to do it, but there’s so much emotion in her vaguely human features here as she attempts to escape death. Looking back up to see Christa gazing back down. She lets go her grip on the nearly collapsed tower, plunging to the hungering mouths below. Now it’s Christa’s turn to be upset. Down with the damn tower she says.

Down it goes.

The titan on the following page is super disgusted over this development.

Being Shingeki no Kyojin, there’s no way the problem is dispatched so handily. The titans emerge from the debris ready to attack once more, only to have Ymir engage again. And… and it’s not pretty. That’s a… an big indentation you have in your skull their Ymir. That’s most of your jaw your losing their Ymir. Um, Ymir… are you gonna be okay there? No Christa, get back, don’t let them take you too!

I had full-blown “No no no no no no no no no” going on here, and for all the times I’ve been happy to see Mikasa again, this had me ecstatic.

Eren getting his first kill was also adorable to the max.

And Christa giving the now human Ymir her real name, Historia, was along with Ymir, one of the most genuine heart-warming moments this series has had. I could probably speculate on the nature of Ymir not regaining her limbs yet (PRETTY ODD I GUESS), or discuss the repercussions her now known titan form will result in (UH OH or WAY TO GO HUMANITY, MAYBE BOTH?), or explore the meaning behind the name Historia (first hint: LATIN FOR HISTORY). But having received an ending this happy from this manga.

I just wanna savor the moment.

Before it is cruelly destroyed.


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