Hunter x Hunter Episode 62

Reality x And x Raw


And the answer to the mystery of Greed Island is behind door number 3! (last paragraph, second to last line)

This is about as pure a’ adventure episode there could be. Besides the short appearances from Shalnark and the nameless gang, this is pure Gon and Killua getting used to the world of the game, along with newly named Biscuit Krueger tagging along. Hate to repeat praise, but the gradual injection of info really has found the right balance. We learn the function of a few new cards per week, which in turn allows us to better understand how the players go about collecting and protecting further cards. A vast quantity of players don’t even bother completing game events, preferring to steal cards from lucky winners; the more experienced players doing so in large groups.

Welp, at least the boys are getting the hang of calling out Book in the face of hostility. And with their ability to keep cards they earn at a whopping 0%, they’ve got little choice but to amass spell cards at Masadora, the City of Magic. The goal is the same for the nameless gang + Puhat, who need a collection of all 40 spell cards in order to trade for the SS rank card Breath of Archangel. On the other hand our dear old friends of the Phantom Troupe are busy doing their own investigations. While Feitan and Phinks participate in wanton murder (not so hot stuff now Mr.Dreads, huh?), Shalnark being the brains has figured out a few details of the game itself. Firstly being what we observed last week of the NPCs, and secondly that Nen cannot tamper with the cards. And finally, being the most exciting for me, is that Greed Island exists as a physical place. Rather than being sent into the game, the player is transported to the island once they activate their Hatsu near a copy of the game.

It actually raises an interesting point concerning the NPCs, if this all takes place in the real world. Within a game all these guys could simply be programmed, but as it stands in the real world, the only real way to make this happen would be with Manipulation/Conjuration. Considering the sheer scale of the island however, there must be hundreds upon hundreds of the NPCs. So either we have super convincing actors who have nothing else to do all day but play brain dead, or Ging must have recruited quite a few Nen users for the job. And um, if they’re actively keeping all of these conjurations or whatever going, then uh, yeah, the nothing else to do comment still applies.

Also brain dead.

The first half of the episode doesn’t particularly do much, but screw all that, time for adventure! After buying themselves a handy dandy map of no useful info whatsoever, just like all my favorite RPGS, they ask for directions and are on their way to fight all kinds of baddies and monsters! Well, after an ineffectual first meeting with Biscuit, who’s determined to mess with the boys after Killua shoots her down immediately. Along their way they run into a village of sick NPC bandits, who then totally do like bandits and scam the boys out of their possessions. I have to kinda admit, it’s a little odd how game knowledgeable Killua doesn’t pick up on that. Could be he’s a little unaware, or maybe there’s more to it than that. But he makes up for it by quickly deducing the weakness of the giant monsters they run into, the classic giant eyeball.

I’d give props to the boys for taking care of the situation handily, but they then proceed to flub every other enemy encounter – so clearly this is the next sign that the boys need to level up. While they have a great skill set on their hands, they’re not close to being able to use them effectively. The Knight enemy battle itself is pretty reminiscent to the conjured ninjas Kurapika dealt with back in episode 40, albeit Biscuit scolding the boys for not observing the enemy properly unlike Kurapika, who had done so with expertise. And considering the multitude of forms Nen abilities can take, it’s crucial for the two to learn how to deal with a variety of different enemies.

Luckily enough Biscuit offers herself as a mentor, without the boys even asking, which I think is super nice of her. Killua in particular already seems to have a blooming friendship with the apparently 40+ year old, while Gon kinda stares dumbly as he’s prone to. She’s gonna be fun, I can tell.


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