Chihayafuru 2 Episode 1

So The Flower Has Wilted

The words “Chihayafuru is back” should be enough to send tingles down your spine. Infact, this show is so good it doesn’t NEED a first impression.

Since Mimi isn’t around to cover this show right now, one of us will and we’ll hand it over to her when the time comes. But enough about that, because the biggest question that we had is if the magic was still there. The first series was magical and beautiful and artistic, and thankfully the second series appears to have kept this magic.

There was a cliffhanger about the Karuta club needing to recruit more members, and the show jumps straight in, with what better way to recruit people than dazzle the first years in formal wear and look stunning? Before very long, Chihaya breaks down in tears at the flood of first year pretty girls who want to join, whilst Kana’s as scary as I remember her.  The magic of this episode helped and did a really good job of portraying that feeling of shock and awe that you get from watching professionals play their sport, and it was a very nice welcome back card from this show. It’s like walking into your house on a wet day and noticing that someone’s cooked your favourite food and left it on the table, and it’s perfectly cooked and still steaming hot and it’s just everything you wanted it to be.

The conflict of the show hasn’t gone away, either, which is also another amazing positive. Chihaya has her own problems with the first years not being that interested in Karuta, yet she wants to teach them instead of focusing on her tournament matches, whilst the others all want to do their own things, with the ever stunning Taichi thinking only of Chihaya and getting her to practice for the Master and Queen matches which are coming up. With a healthy dose of comedy, greed and blissful ignorance, and just a little bit of Chihaya’s lethal personality, the show gets off to a magical start with plenty of sparkles and a more than healthy dose of Taichi. He’s more than enough to melt everyone’s heart.


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