Magi Episode 14

The Fourteenth Night: Alibaba’s Answer

Alibaba has finally mastered the ultimate fighting technique that’s been passed down from generation to generation: the royal slap.

See, this is why I like a good character. Alibaba’s done something revolutionary here, and he’s actually told Ahbamd to resign from the throne…yet 14 episodes ago, Alibaba would never have had the courage and determination to say that or to act like that. At the same time as all of this is happening, however, the Rukh appear to be causing some form of a commotion, gathering in large numbers around Aladdin and his rival, whilst the Banker and Weapons Dealer are enjoying watching the spectacle of Balbadd with great interest. However, there is one rule which watchers need to follow, and that’s not to intervene, as the banker essentially forces the role of king onto Alibaba the moment that the princess gets onto the scene. Whilst she’s probably happy that she doesn’t have to marry Ahbmad, she isn’t happy with Alibaba’s declaration…abandoning the monarchy.

I really admire someone who can do that, even though he’s in the position of being able to claim the rank of a king. Instead, he wants a government to rule the country, and ends up making Sinbad look like a fool after he fetched representatives of his Seven Seas Alliance. However, Sinbad’s appearance on the scene gives Alibaba the ability to force his trump card…the lack of a political marriage. It’s enough to make the princess stagger, and with this advantage, Sinbad can now take Balbadd into the Seven Seas Alliance, and a declaration from Sinbad is more than enough to send the princess fleeing from the palace, with her only condition being Sinbad goes to the Kou Empire and formally declares it.

Everything appears to be resolved perfectly, with Balbadd turning into a Democratic state, the Kou Empire retreating and everyone being happy together. Yet, the actions of the Rukh are enough to concern anyone, with the black rukh flying all over the city, and Aladdin’s golden rukh turning into an eagle and flying off somewhere. I don’t really know what’s happening with Aladdin and Judal, but it’s time for a conclusion of epic proportions  and I doubt that they’ll get left out.

Then, ya know, like it’s casual, Kassim gets introduced into the picture all over again. This arc isn’t over just yet.


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