Mahoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2

Please Make Us Human


I’m always puzzled why anime usually goes down the route of harems. It’s much more enjoyable to see an established couple go through the learning process of a relationship rather than down the harem road… I can’t decide if I like the romance aspect of this show yet.

This episode was almost instantaneously better than the last, since the animators decided not to waste their budget of giving the Demon Queen’s chest a brain of its own. MMY is really showing what kind of series it wants to be: a lighthearted series with some serious elements sprinkled in here and there. The issue of slavery isn’t really prevalent in today’s western society (at least not as much as before), but it’s obviously one that has to be explored when having a series with this setting.

I can’t say I liked the maids ‘speech’ too much on insects or whatever… It just came off as uneducated garbage to me. How in the world is a slave supposed to take control of their lives? Isn’t that exactly what those two runaways were doing? If we are going to imagine slaves of insects, why give them any consideration at all? Do you ever stop to ponder how pathetic the ants under your feet are? I feel that would have been a better and much more bad ass approach… Instead she just came off as stuck up and snobbish. Besides, as if someone who has a job cleaning up after people has any right to consider people ‘insects’.

The two new slaves, or former slaves, seem to be pretty likable. They’re obviously very afraid to go back to the people who own them, yet are willing to do what they can to survive. They don’t look like insects to me – they look like two girls who are trying to take control and change their circumstances. We don’t know a whole lot about their characters at this point but I’m looking forward to see some development.

One bad thing about this episode is our valiant hero didn’t exactly get a chance to shine. I guess we can take his discussion with the younger slave as some insight into his character, as he said “I guess I can teach some swordplay,” showcasing there really isn’t all that much to his character right now. I guess the best series’ develop their characters along the way, so I can’t really complain too much. He doesn’t really stand out from other characters, and it’s hard to understand why the Demon Queen has fallen for him. Unlike Spice and Wolf, the dialogue between the two has much to be desired. We should be given some reason for the two to like each other, especially since the female leads breasts were likely responsible for sinking the titanic.

One thing I must comment on is the gorgeous backgrounds. I don’t recall CGI being used in this episode, and the backgrounds themselves looked like paintings. Seriously, just watch this episode and focus exclusively on the backgrounds.

This episode was a large improvement from the last. I don’t find myself tuning out during the economic talk, so that’s a good start since it can often be a dry subject. I’m just hoping we can have some more chemistry between the two main characters before we go into the inevitable harem territory.


5 thoughts on “Mahoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2

  1. I really like the romance parts in this show, they seem a lot of fun, and like two people who really don’t know what they’re doing trying to figure it out. For why Maou has fallen for him, perhaps a lot of it is anticipation, and lack of opportunity on her part. As the Demon King, she really isn’t in a position to find a boy demon, you’d think, especially one that would have any ability to be her equal. In Yuusha, she has someone who is, if not her mental equal (although he’s really not showing badly in that aspect), at least her status equal. And that’s the whole point of their partnership. So as for falling for him, a lot of that was done before they even met the first time, as she knew who he was and probably built him up in her mind, the way many girls do. That he’s not disappointing her is the key.

    I thought Head Maid’s speech wasn’t bad. The point, I figured, was to show that if they just went to the city to beg, they would be no better, and actually worse, than the serfs who have very little control over their lives, but at least can have pride in themselves as beings. That’s what her speech was intended to do, shock them into realizing that, and of course it worked, because TV and all.

    • The romance parts of the show are a lot of fun, and that’s exactly why I can’t determine if they’re ‘good’ or not. Right now, we need to have the anime show us some qualities why the Demon Queen has fallen for him, but I haven’t been given any to consider.

      The point may have been that, but what other choice did they have? They obviously found that option a lot better than staying with whomever they were ‘working’ under before. I just didn’t get her whole insect analogy…

      • My take on the ‘insects’ is that insects would just go to the biggest area and take whatever’s given to them. Humans would make decisions on their own, and make a future of their own, not just beg for leftovers or subsist on whatever’s left over.

        • Eh, they would have explicitly stated that in the show. She was more concerned with the fact they weren’t making their own choices, which is why I believed her reasoning to be flawed. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

          • Well, the problem with the ‘choice’ they were making was that it was limit themselves in the future to fewer choices, and a life of still not being able to make their own choices, reduced to begging in the streets (which was mentioned). They were just changing the location of being dependent on / dominated by other people, which isn’t really a choice.

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