Robotics;Notes Episode 12

Until You Love At Least One Thing

A two-week break and back I am at covering yet another show that finally resumed airing. Just as it happened with Psycho-Pass, this 12th episode of Robotics;Notes was anything but what I expected.

Misa cuts the call with Kai and Aki’s breakdown due to the final episode of Gunvarrel is solved off screen. When this episode starts, it seems like things are back to being what they were, nothing much having changed after that event, when it comes to our main cast. I’m sure things will escalate from here, but what seemed to be the trigger wasn’t one after all, which left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth.

This episode is about Jun and Doc. And I surprisingly don’t have much to say about it. It’s a heartwarming story of how she comes to love robots and he forgives himself for his creations having traumatized his granddaughter.

We’ve known since before Jun had joined the robotics club that she didn’t like robots and that she didn’t have a good relationship with her grandfather. This episode showed both the root of the problem and it being solved with the help of the robotics club, since Aki would never accept a resignation (of course both she and Kai care about Jun, though – not invalidating that here).

Somehow, the view of robots as friends of humans, as Doc had his creations present themselves to children some hears ago seemed like a… naive thing to believe. I guess. But well, they were shown to children after all, and that was a nice way of getting them interested, working once again in the present as well, and I can’t deny it made for a heartwarming scene.

However, and while I did enjoy the episode, when all’s said and done, the only relevant event or the plot was Kai “waking up” that robot, completing the flags for yet one more Kimijima Report he has yet to read. Due to that, I was a bit disappointed with these episode’s events. Character development is always nice, but when it happens for no apparent purpose and reveals nothing new of the setting or plot, it comes off as empty. Specially if you’re focusing on a side character.

That said, I still have my hopes up for the rest of the series, so I’ll assume this was simply a “calm before the storm” type of episode and keep up my eagerness to get back to finding out more about Kimijima Kou, the Comitee of 300, the death Kill Ballad players, Misa and all the conspiracies around the sun. Speaking of which, we have yet to see what they’ll be doing with that monopole that fell from he sky… I think in next week I might have a lot more to write on this series.

As a last note, what surely wasn’t disappointing in this episode was the new opening and ending sequences. The OP is pretty much on the same level as the last one, which is to say that it’s pretty good. Not great, but good. The ED on the other hand, is way above what we had in the first half, in both song and visuals, as Kanako Itou rarely disappoints with her songs, with “Topology” being very likely to earn a place between what I consider her best songs, and the images of the main characters seem way more fitting to an ED sequence than one entirely dedicated to Airi, who may be cute, but wasn’t all that prominent a character until now.


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