Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 14

Windows and Lights on Christmas Eve

It’s the relatively long awaited Christmas Eve episode where relationships come to a new low!

To use Jin’s words, Sorata has a chip on his shoulder as he deals with Shiina, as Shiina acts like a scolded kitten over the rather heated discussion last week, yet Sorata manages to fail to recognize what she wants and what she’s doing, and she ends off going away even more skittish than before. Meanwhile, Nanami’s having trouble convincing herself that this isn’t a date and that she shouldn’t confess to Sorata, and Misaki’s starting to get cold feet about chasing everyone away on Christmas Eve to have that special moment with Jin.

The day draws ever closer, and emotions are reaching an all time conflict as Shiina goes off to her party all on her own, despite Chihiro’s warning that Shiina doesn’t know how to make up with people and bury the hatchet, and it appears that everyone’s full of conflict and concern apart from Sorata and Nanami, who are actually having a heart to heart talk under the snowy weather, yet…well, Nanami ends up putting the confession off.

Thankfully, things do go a little bit better for Jin and Misaki, but Shiina ends up interrupting the date between Nanami and Sorata…it’s the really heart-wrenching part of a love triangle to see someone acting as the bigger person and standing down to help the guy that she loves, and that does make me feel really sorry for Nanami whilst having a ton of respect for her actions. Yet this episode doesn’t stop there as Misaki’s been hurt pretty badly by Jin’s not so surprise rejection…the conflict kinda draws to a close, but nobody’s any better off. There are no winners when feelings come to light, after all.


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