Tamako Market Episode 2

A Valentine’s Day Blooming with Love

Tamako Market Episode 2

Love is in the air? Come on, Dela “Mochiyucky”! Maybe now’s your chance to find your bride you’ve been searching for on your quest!

… Or maybe not. Dela begins to explain to the family that he might just have to stay with the Kitashirakawa family just for a little longer, until the spring time, when “the flowers will bloom, along with the hearts of girls everywhere.”

And on the discussion of “love”-related things, Tamako is determined to make some Valentine mochi for the shop to sell, as a nice seasonal present to all their customers. However, her father already begins to frown upon this idea, as he feels that HIS mochi shop shall remain selling only traditional mochi, as he had always intended to. At this point, you really begin to wonder what kind of relationship Tamako and her father have, since they are so different from each other, and you begin to wonder what Tamakos’s mother was like too. Was she so lively and cheerful like Tamako is, hence why the cute little oddball is like it so much herself? Because she got that side from her mother? Who knows? They’re leaving us waiting, and we’ll have to watch more to find out more.

Time for school, and Tamako is still so determined for her father to sell Valentine mochi, doodling down various ideas in her notebook. Midori and Kanna come along and begin to discuss what kind of plans they had for Valentine’s day, and what chocolate they were going to give, and whether or not they would be able to receive any chocolate from anyone too, and Midori certainly seemed to be the popular one yet again this year. Is it me or do they always have these same sorts of stereotypes in nearly every slice-of-life anime? I’m pretty sure they do.
School is over, and as Tamako wanders around the shopping district, she senses a feeling that the place is lacking something. So, as she goes home, she talks to Mochizou, and tells him that there’s going to be a meeting for all the shop owners for the shopping district, and she’d like him to come along. As they both arrive, Tamako stands up and was the reason why the meeting was brought together: She wanted to liven up the place and jazz it up a bit in time for Valentine’s day! Everyone is up for the idea, however, Tamako’s father is yet again against it. However, everyone else is already up for it and plans on what they could do. Anyone going to be able to predict as to what happens next with Tamako’s father? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought it, right?

So, Mochizou, Tamako, Midori, Kanna and Anko all got involved to create an advertisement to help promote and spread the feeling of love amongst any shoppers at the time. Dressed as rabbits (the place is named Bunny Mountain) Tamako and Kanna get into the spirit! Yet, Tamako throws herself into a state and gets too nervous to even talk properly, and Kanna’s montonous voice and expressionless face really isn’t helping create a “natural atmosphere” when recording the advert. The quirky moments in this anime and the characters are what make it more one-of-a-kind, and it makes you chuckle as you learn more about their quirks and funny habits as episodes go by.

Suddenly, Midori runs into her grandpa, who runs a toy shop in the district. Embarrassed as he requests her to help out at the shop, he exclaims: “Go, go! Valentine’s! Everybody loves… Somebody!”. Enlightened by her gandfather’s words, she looks around at the lovey-dovey district, the work of her friends, watching them all having fun… At this point, I was thinking maybe she didn’t really have anyone she loved “romantically”, but more… She felt a love for her friends, because she always had fun with them and always enjoyed being with them. Hm? Or is it just me?
Soon, Midori and Kanna meet Dela, and Dela is already falling in love with both girls, the womanizer. However, he soon invites Midori for coffee again in the record shop, and it gives Midori a chance to really think deeply about those “feelings”… Were they feelings of love? Oh, I can’t be the only one so curious to know more! Yet, they keep us waiting, once again.

Tamako arrives home as her dad is washing up, when he soon shows her something underneath covered boxes of mochi. In his hands, he held two heart shaped mochi, pink and white… “Lovey Dovey heart mochi”, he calls them. Confused at first after her dad changing his mind so quickly, after acting so stubbornly on not to sell this mochi, yet bursts out laughing at the “lovey dovey” heart mochi, yet absolutely loves the idea! Flustered and embarrassed, her “tsuntsun” father explains he won’t sell them anymore! Prediction correct.
Eventually the time has come. Tamako and friends show everyone at the next meeting their finished work of their advertisement, and it seems like a great success (yet so it seems that Dela also has a built in-projector inside him too… So many funny things about this bird, I’m curious to know more). Suddenly, as the advert ends, “Dela” (or the project inside him) flicks to another scene, where people from another country, by the looks of it, have left a message sent to Dela! The deep blue sea, clear blue sky… It definitely does not look like the typical Japan they all knew. Shocked, surprised yet confused! What was going on? Who are these mysterious people? Who are these people?! Again, more waiting until we find out.

But remember how I said I wondered what kind of relationship Tamako and her father had? Right at the very end, Tamako rushes up to Midori and says she gave chocolate for her dad again for Valentine’s day. Awww. So it seems, even if they quarrell and argue a lot, the two are close anyway. How sweet! Love is in the air for everyone it seems… Just maybe not for Dela.


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