Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 2

Episode 02

-Homo Game Club-

Another great episode. It’s just a shame I’ve seen it before. During season one.

Well I haven’t seen all of it, but we’ll get to that. The first thing I have to talk about is Rika losing her glasses. I honestly think they must be editing their faces completely, because she looks nothing like she used too. Surely glasses can’t make that much of a difference? But either way, it’s an improvement that probably won’t last too long. Rika is pretty annoying but it seems she lost the majority of that annoyance with her glasses. Lovely. At least we get one episode where she isn’t drooling over yaoi. Well I say that but the drooling is literally the only thing we lose. As you can tell by the title of this episode, she still manages to force the crap down our throats. The neighbours club watches a BL anime she has, and it’s – thank God – an all ages version. As much as I can’t stand stuff like that I thought it was a bit offensive how boring-protagonist-guy referred to homosexuality as “not normal”. Obviously this has happened in loads of anime, and not just anime, but I thought I’d point it out anyway. Anyway the BL anime seemed to touch Yozora and make her realise that kissing friends is the way to a further relationship. Again proving that every girl in this anime is a complete and utter block head, but whatever. At least she has realised what to do, after a sneaky glance at boring-protagonist-guy. #teamsena though. Get your game together Sena, and stop focussing on his sister.

We all know Yozora tries to destroy Sena through insults and teasing, but I feel as though she’s running out of ideas. Or maybe that’s just the writers. I said I’d seen this before, and I definitely have. Yozora tries to force Sena into reading a hentai scene out from a game she is playing, which inevitably breaks Sena down because she can’t do it. This happened in season one, and they do the same in this episode. I thought it was a bit lazy of the writers, but they did mix it up a bit. Sena manages to shout out boldly the full scene, which leaves Yozora scarred. Unfortunately it still ends up being Sena who’s crying as for some reason she can’t take Yozora’s emotionally hurt reaction.

This next bit is my favourite part though. Maria has a sister. Oh you forgot who Maria is? Yeah me too, what a shame that she came back. Honestly the most annoying character ever. Her voice, her personality, it’s disgusting. Kill her off. Please. At least she was only in it for about 2 minutes, whereas her sister’s introduction to the series was lovely. She’s a nun character, like Maria, but she’s the typical lazy slob who always has a can in her hand – although it is just coca-cola for her. I actually like her though, she shows a lot of care to her little sister, even if she is a pain, and shows respect to not only boring-protagonist-guy but also Yozora. She even farts while walking away and laughs about it. It’s great when an anime not only avoids a stuck up cast, but goes for the opposite too. I actually almost forgot what the neighbours club was for until near the end of this episode. They’re suppose to make friends, and it’s been a while since they “practiced” the activities that friends do. This time around it was comparing answers, but they get it completely wrong, with Yozora trying to ask about questions from weeks ago. I don’t think any of them have realised that they are actually all friends yet. It’s weird how socially awkward they all are yet they seem to get on with each other pretty well on a good day. Hopefully when this season ends there will be at least some progress in that aspect.


7 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 2

  1. Judging by season one, I have no idea who’s more annoying – Maria or Kobato.
    Either way, even though I’m not watching, I still find myself reading your posts due to how interesting you can make this series just by saying essentially bad things about it. Props for that Kryn^^

    • Thanks Dusk, I thought the first post was better than this since it was a bit looser (I think), but hopefully I can keep it interesting. Glad you’re enjoying it so far ^~^

  2. “I thought it was a bit offensive how boring-protagonist-guy referred to homosexuality as “not normal”.”

    I find it offensive that some people DO think homosexuality is “normal”. Then again, most people who think that are USians, and they are idiots to begin with, so what do i care.

    • Well boys, it’s been a long journey, but we’ve done it. We’ve finally reached the pinnacle of blogging. After over two years of this site being up, we’ve finally obtained a homophobic comment.

      Pack your bags, everyone. It’s time to group suicide as we have no reason to live now that we’ve reached this point.

    • Whoa buddy. That’s a tad bit offensive as I’m as straight as a roundabout. Also, USians? It’s Americans. I’ll assume you’re from a country that doesn’t accept homosexuality. You should consider learning about it, and learning how tough it is to be outcasted from society because you love someone of the same sex. But hey, it’s not my fault you and your government are closed minded.

    • Seriously, I know I probably should just stand back here and give my silent support to Kryn’s mature answer but… heck, that pissed me off.

      Homosexuality aside, since I believe that needs no further discussion than what has already been said here, what’s up with the racist remark? I’m not even American but I know for sure that idiots are everywhere you look. And if you’re not one yourself, you should know better than to judge someone based solely in their nationality, because the idiots ratio is pretty much the same around the world. Maybe if you hadn’t ended it like that we could take your opinion a bit more seriously.

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