Hunter x Hunter Episode 63

A x Hard x Master


Training portions can be a real pain in Shonen, sometimes slowing all progress to a crawl. But with the right amount of care, there’s really no stopping them from being mad quality material. Needless to say, this episode is up there when it comes to training.

Huh. Seems Biscuit has really gotten around in her surprisingly long life. Not only is she more than aware of the top brass of the Hunter world (speaking of Chairman Netero in familiar terms), she’s taken on extensive mentor roles in her past; both a Pro Hunter Examinator and the Master of our very own Wing. And judging from her tone, he’s far from the only one to have been under her tutelage. It shows. I’m hazy on how high up in the world this Biscuit is, but it’s clear that the boys unable to contend with D-rank enemies are in dire need of her help. If they want to, like, keep living.

Beyond the practical though, she makes a welcome addition to the motley little crew. Gon, always the straightforward pragmatist, accepts her as a new master without qualms, and Biscuit in turn sees in him a diamond of unlimited potential. Killua’s pride is far too large to immediately let her walk over him, but with the realization that she PRETTY MUCH can do just that is quick to reassess his situation. If not in his signature disrespectfully respectful way. And despite the heated dynamic the two share, a cool blue sapphire is how Biscuit views Killua, another latent strength which could be shined to a gorgeous perfection.

Those, by the way, are two precious gems that compliment each other quite nicely  ̄ _ゝ ̄

Like most Pro Hunters though, Biscuit proves to be a little eccentric, if not very quick on her feet. Using the convenient appearance of Greed Island player and murderer Binolt, she devises a training program for the boys in a flash. Diffusing the threat in a show of her overwhelming strength, WHOA if it wasn’t sudden and really friggin’ sweet, Binolt is offered reprieve if he can survive two weeks without falling to the boys onslaught. While fully recovered he would likely strike down the boys, as evidenced through Killua’s close call, but his injured state makes for great initial practice. And thanks to the rapid evolution Gon and Killua partake in on the regular, Binolt’s no longer able to contest one of the boys, even when back up to speed. Binolt himself is the definition of a throw-away one episode appearance, but in addition to the risk of death training he provided, his validation received from Gon leads to something a little more interesting to look at.

Gon’s pure nature comes up every once and again. As in, every episode he stars in. It’s all fine and dandy in the case of people like Zepile or Binolt here, Biscuit recognizes that Gon may be a diamond a little too pure for his own good. Pure-natured heroes are common to the adventurous spirit that Shonen series specialize in, but it’s kinda rare for that very personality trait to become a serious consequence or pratfall to the protagonist. Oh, of course they’ll stumble a little, but they’ll persevere because that’s who they are! Aaand that’s cool. But when Hunter x Hunter is concerned, a lot of importance is placed on the nature of it’s characters, particularly those of Killua’s and Gon’s. The system of Nen itself emphasizes these traits, Gon being the gung-ho Enhancer type. A lot of this is just be jabbering on, but with a writer like Togashi, Gon will definitely face a huge roadblock thanks to his inherent nature. Roadblocks similar to those that Killua has already shown signs of.

Speaking of Nen though, let’s dive right into that fascinating discussion, because this episode marks the newest expansion to our growing catalog of Nen knowledge. Last episode we were reintroduced to Gyo, the extension of Ren. Using the increased aura produced when exercising the principle of Ren, one can use Gyo by concentrating that increased aura into a certain part of the body in order to enhance its capabilities. We continue the advanced properties of  Nen today with the introduction of Shu, an application of Ten. Ten being another of the main principles, the ability to envelop ones body with their own aura. Shu is simple to grasp from that, all it is extending ones aura to an object of some sort. It’s kinda like the whole “this sword is an extension of my body, so of course it’s stronger than a regular sword” dealie,  but in a literal sense.

Easy stuff, but it makes sense. I’m figuring that’s the beauty of the system in general. It appears complex at first view and allows for abilities as far as your imagination can take you, but when looking at it’s bare bones, it’s no sweat. Everything is an extension of the four major principles (Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu), and all of what is done with Nen, like Gyo and Shu, is a logical step forth from these rules. Although Hatsu is totally different beast from the rest. Often times you don’t get to go very in depth with the power system in use, but I really dig the amount of detail we get with Hunter x Hunter. Makes the system not only that much more ingrained to the series and world itself, but makes it a joy to explore when we have these well defined rules to it. Also, this being only the first phase of Biscuit’s training, I can only expect more little Nen tidbits to geek out over.

Also, they got to Masadora. It looks like candy. Yum. (⊙‿⊙✿)


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