Chihayafuru 2 Episode 2

As My Love First Came

After watching this episode and feeling all the romance and magic that it summoned inside me, I think I finally understand what it means to be a fangirl.

We’re not actually entirely done with the first years this week yet, and as their numbers keep falling day after day, eventually there’s only two left. Hamano, the girl who’s declared herself as Taichi’s stalker and the rather unique Akihiro, and rather oddly, the focus this week is on them yet again, but mostly Hamano. It’s understandable why they’ve taken this rather interesting approach to starting the second season, and I think that it just makes this show even more fascinating and interesting.

There was yet another callback to the first season, with Harada-Sensei being pivotal in getting Hamano to become interested in Karuta, and not just in her desire to have the most attractive boy in school. It’s what got Chihaya and Taichi into the game, so it feels like we’ve almost come full circle to see him putting another member in the club. To talk about the club, we finally learn a little more about Chihaya, and why she’s not the superficial character which she appeared to be at first, what with the focus on the first years. It’s her dedication and her friendship towards the others in her group, along with her shame over the last tournament, that cause her to work so hard and obsess over the first years.

With Kana delivering one of the beautiful lines which this show has become known for, and something which sets everyone’s hearts aflutter, the episode draws to a close, and with it appears to be the end of the first year recruitment drive. Whilst they haven’t gotten all the members that the Empress wanted, I think that she should be happy just to see another two members appearing.


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