Magi Episode 15

The Fifteenth Night: Kassim’s Answer

Last week was the political side of things, the side where the pendulum of fate swung backwards and forwards and caused problems with the Rukh, and at the end of things, Kassim showed his face amongst the battle of black and gold Rukh. One question was in my mind here – what’s going on?

Kassim no longer has a reason to fight, and the people he claimed he was fighting for are happy now. However, it’s almost like Kassim creates his own answer, and that’s the simple answer that the crimes of the monarchy don’t disappear just because the monarchy has been dissolved. It happens in politics everyday anyway, so why can’t it happen here?

Aladdin’s eagle-like burst of magi did something rather odd, though…it’s sent him back to Ugo’s temple, where the head of Ugo rests, and there it’s revealed that the gold Rukh seems to have been coming from Ugo, but the moment Kassim uses the “corrupted” household vessels  the entire kingdom of Balbadd swarms into a large riot of dark rukh. What with all this chaos flying around, it’s time to actually get an explanation of things, and they come from Ugo himself. It’s a basic explanation when you summarize it; and that’s that the gold Rukh and regular Magi are designed to lead the world in the right direction, and the dark rukh and black magi are trying to lead the world in the opposite direction, away from the path of fate.

Anyway, thanks to Ugo’s direction and guidance  Aladdin is sent into the care of the Great king Solomon, but it’s not like there’s actually time for this. Aladdin’s needed on the surface, where Alibaba and the kingdom of Balbadd are being overwhelmed by the rioting and Kassim’s main forces. However, confronting the leaders of the fog troupe is Alibaba, but even Amon can’t protect Alibaba from Kassim and the fog troupe…or can he? It brings about a rather interesting conclusion to this revolt and escalates the seriousness of what’s going on by yet another level, creating…well, something that’s actually going to be pretty interesting to see how the show resolves this.  It managed to give me a satisfying conclusion to the question i’ve had about the Rukh and such, and made next week even more exciting than this week, so…job well done.


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