Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 15

Where’s Your Usual Self?

Last week, we had the big make up where Nanami probably realised that she doesn’t really have a chance and Misaki and Jin had their rather destructive “falling out”…so this week, all the girls go to Sorata’s house for New Years.

Basically, in disregard to all the chaos and emotions flying around, Sakurasou is still closing so that their “teacher” can go to Australia. However, well…Sorata arriving at home for new years with three girls and a cat is the kind of think that would shock the daylights out of any caring parent.

Going home does mean that Sorata’s sister is back in the picture, but i’m actually ever so thankful for her right now, because she appears to be the only one who notices what’s going on with Nanami and Sorata, whilst Misaki is sat moping to herself over Jin. It’s really nice to have someone cut through the crap and see what everyone’s feeling, and I have to say, even though Nanami will never succeed going for Sorata, I really enjoy the scenes where it’s just the two of them together, just like I prefer the moments where Shiina is sat talking to Misaki. Sorata’s sister…eh. I still don’t like her that much.

I’m not actually sure what point this episode served, apart from to help everyone get their priorities back on track after the chaotic Christmas and to re-issue motivation for all the characters, making the only one I don’t really understand at this point being Jin. Unlike the last sister episode, this one didn’t have that much in the way of comedy, and…well, it didn’t appear to do all that much. Next week looks to be a Jin-focused episode, so at least the calm after the storm only lasted a single episode.


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