Tamako Market Episode 3

Hot for a Cool Girl

Tamako Market episooode 3

Spring is in full bloom, and so is the start of a new school year for Tamako and friends! A great new opportunity to make new friends and meet new people… And a great new chance for Dela to find his beautiful bride.

The new school year is just about to  begin, so Tamako, Midori and Kanna are all excited to find out their new classes and to be able to meet their new classmates. So as the sakura blooms on the cherry blossom trees, as “hearts skip lightly with the budding season”, says Dela Mochiyucky. As the months went past, Dela grew more and more, as his strange addiction and craving for mochi grew more and more as well. Thus the bird has gotten… A lot fatter. So fat, he struggles to fly now. Flapping and squawking and trying his hardest to just fly a little further, the funny bird begins to create a right scene, he suddenly beings to plummet back down to the ground, giving into gravity, until bam! A mysterious, yet beautiful young girl grabs her badminton racket and catches the fat bird somehow with it… I’m surprised he didn’t cause it to snap. Of course… as soon as Dela – the hopeless romantic – laid his eyes upon this pretty young girl, he immediately becomes infatuated with her and is completely lovestruck. And as he fell out of the sky, he fell in love. Oh dear.

It’s finally time! It finally rolls round to the day where all the eager high school students find out their new classes. Tamako, Midori and Kanna all make their way to the sign boards to check up on their new classes, and soon discover that both Kanna and Tamako will be in Class A together and Midori in Class B by herself: The first time the trio have been split up! Even worse for some though: Poor old Mochizou found out that he’s not going to be in the same class as Tamako for the… However-many-years running now! Maybe someday, huh? Kanna soon notices though that Tamako and her will be in the same class as shy girl Asagiri: The girl that also saved Dela from a certain death yesterday. Tamako seems hopeful to be able to grow closer to the girl and maybe draw her out of her shell even more, but it seems at the moment Asagiri isn’t so sure of that, and soon walks off coldly after Tamako smiles at her. How rude.

The new students of Class 2-A all meet their new teacher Mr Yagi and the classmates all introduce themselves to everyone. Asagiri is first, and it turns out she is a member of the school’s badminton club. Eventually, it’s Tamako’s turn. She tells everyone about her mochi shop and invites everyone to come along and taste some of the new season’s “sakuramochi”… Also, she’s in the baton club! Kanna’s turn, and it soon turns out that the expressionless girl has an obsession with right angles, wooden beams and wants to fix the broken locker behind hers. Odd. Eventually, Midori, Kanna and Tamako all meet up again after school for their baton club, and as they take a break to discuss, Asagiri can’t help but watch the trio have fun and joke about. The girl seems to be a little shy, but does she really want to grow closer and become friends with the trio?

Asagiri makes her way home, and as Dela stands at the gates of the school, he cannot tear his eyes off the girl, who must be the epitome of perfection and beauty to him. But really, the girl just wants to be left alone. At least she must have some sense. Only several minutes later though, as Asagiri appears to be walking out of a shop of some sort with a parcel in her hands, the bird is plummeting from the sky, yet again. With her quick reflexes, she catches the bird with her parcel… And it seems poor Dela is just getting fatter everyday. Lay off the mochi, or you’re going to have to change your name to Mochiyummy! Because it seems the overweight bird is left with no strength, poor Asagiri is forced to carry him back to Tamako’s house. As the pair walk around the shopping district again, Dela gets chatting. The girl’s full name is Asagiri Shiori, and Dela soon invites her back to the mochi shop to try some of the sakuramochi, however, little did Shiori know, that this shop was also home to the cheerful and carefree Kitashirakawa Tamako! Shiori wanders through the shopping district, and it seems everyone there knows of the wonderful Tamako we all know and love: It’s almost like fate is pulling her closer to Tamako, and the pair are destined to become friends.

Back home, Tamako comes to the door to see the mysterious and shy Asagiri standing in her doorway, holding Dela in her arms. As Tamako offers Asagiri to come in and try some mochi, the girl seems reluctant not to, however she accepts the offer and tastes some of the shop’s famous sakuramochi! Tamako offers Asagiri to stay for dinner, however the girl seems a bit too uncomfortable and shy to stay any longer. However, minutes later, Shiori receives a text from her mother to find out she’ll be home late. Tamako insists she stay just for dinner, and so, reluctantly, Shiori accepts the offer.

But that doesn’t mean life stops at the mochi shop. Tamako was a bit busy taking care of the shop and etc – Too busy to even make dinner – leaving no choice but for their GUEST, Shiori-san, to cook dinner for them too. How kind! But also very lazy of the Kitashirakawa family to not even be able to make dinner either… Geez. OH! What a coincidence! As the family and chef tucked into their dinner made by their guest, Shiori receives another text from her dad to say that the bath had broke… Oh, how unfortunate! Looks like they’re all going to have to take a trip to the baths again!

I can’t help but feel Tamako AND her sister Anko both have an inner perverted side inside them. As Shiori just innocently washed her hair, Anko admired her fellow sister’s friend: “Wow, your hair is so pretty!” and “Your skin is so smooth too!”, Tamako adds. Dela was looking forward to be able to take a peak, but was unfortunately kicked back over the other side again. Sorry, Dela.

As they bid their farewells, Tamako and Anko go back home and Shiori heads to the train station, but it feels like Shiori really had something she wanted to say to Tamako before they both went home. Hm.

A new school day is here. Tamako walks over to Shiori’s desk to thank her for last night, but her classmate remains silent and simply just walks away. Kanna, with hammer and screwdriver in hand, seems concerned to know what’s up with Shiori and what happened. Is Shiori embarrassed because Tamako and her sister were both eyeing her up at the baths yesterday? PROBABLY. But no. Actually, the girl is just too shy! She ran off to the toilets and is practising a way to just say “Thank you for last night! It was really fun!” to Tamako. Awww. It just seems the girl is too socially awkward, but really wants to make friends. As it turns out, someone walks out from the cubicle behind Shiori: Tamako’s blonde haired friend, Midori… Oh dear. Flustered and embarrassed, Shiori quickly runs off. As it turns out, Class A’s new teacher will be arranging home visits pretty soon too.

Afterschool, Dela still can’t seem to leave the beautiful Shiori-san alone. The apologetic Tamako soon  drags Dela away, but left her shy classmate with a good chance to thank her for yesterday! But no, as soon as she says thank you, Tamako has already walked off. Aww.

As Tamako and her dad prepare for the home visits, Dela has fallen asleep out in the street: Probably because her dad kicked him out the house for being such a nuisance. Shiori scoops up the bird, and walks along the cherry blossom lined road, next to the river that glimmered gently in the warm daylight, taking Dela back home again. It gave Dela the perfect opportunity to flirt with the young girl, and invited her back round to the mochi shop again. It seems that Shiori is left with a perfect opportunity to thank Tamako here! “Accept the offer, Shiori, stop being so shy!” you think furiously, as you watch the girl again decline the invitation. Confused, Dela asks why. It just turns out that Shiori felt it would be too rude if she went round to visit again purely because she still hadn’t thanked Tamako for the other day. Too shy to say it herself, Shiori asks Dela to just thank Tamako for her, however, the bird refused to, simply saying that if Shiori wanted to say thank you, she should say it herself. I kinda liked that, because it’s like inside every Tamako Market episode, there’s like a little message, or a moral of the story: And in this instance, it’s that you can’t keep shying away all the time. Just be brave and try your hardest and maybe good things will come out of it! Anyway, let’s hope so!
Coincidentally, Mr Yagi – class 2A’s teacher – got lost along the way to Tamako’s house. Since Shiori was headed over there anyway, she showed her clumsy teacher the route.

Finally, Mr Yagi finally reaches his destination and Dela finally finds his way home. As Shiori is left waiting in the hallway, Dela begins to show off and flirt with the young girl: “See these! These are my best feathers!”. Tamako makes her way out into the hallway, as she was about to go out for a bit. Dela again, invites Shiori to go out to get some coffee, just like he does to try and win every girl’s heart over (eg: Tamako in episode 1, Midori in episode 2: WHO WILL BE NEXT?). Tamako agrees it’s a good idea… But Dela doesn’t want Tamako to tag along! In fact, NO. Tamako has made her own arrangements, and it’s decided that it’ll just be Tamako and Dela off out. Poor Dela… Just… Maybe one day, you’ll find true love. But that day will not be today.

As they reach the coffee/record shop, Tamako hands over her fellow classmate some mochi, thanking her for dinner the other day. Shiori seems desperate to thank Tamako too, but still can’t muster up the courage to say it! The record shop/coffee shop owner soon puts on a record, his words being: “Music speaks more than words”. Is it a sign? Can Tamako take the hint? No. Of course she wouldn’t. As the music goes on, the pair sit in silence, drinking their coffee… When… Finally! Shiori speaks! “Kitashirakawa-san!” (Come on, come on, Shiori-san! We’re all rooting for you)… “I… I had a lot of fun. The other day… It was really fun! It was really, really fun!”. But Tamako remained silent. Maybe she was speechless because Shiori actually managed to speak a full sentence. But, Shiori, being as anxious and paranoid as she is, took it the wrong way, and just hid her face behind the bag of mochi. Tamako simply smiled, and said in reply: “Me too!”

It turns out that Shiori actually had always wanted to find a way or an opportunity to talk to or befriend Tamako and her friends. She always saw them in the gym, and noticed them all having fun and… She just really wanted to be able to join in, but was too shy. But, Tamako being as friendly as she is, simply said that the pair could consider themselves friends now. Awwww. How sweet. A happy ending for all!
… Except Dela. As Shiori says thank you to the bird on the way home, for “helping her get closer to Tamako”, Dela sees it as a final chance to win the girl’s heart, as he offers her “one of his best feathers”, and as he looks up again… Shiori-san is gone. Maybe one day. But it seemed, that this was only the start of a beautiful new friendship, and an even better school year!


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