Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 3

Episode 3

-My Little Sisters Are This Cute-

Just under ten minutes in and I was ready to give up – there’s only so much Kobato & Maria that I can stand.

Starting off with a huge disappointment for me, it’s a Kobato & Maria episode. Maria ran away from home so of course she comes to Kodaka’s house. What exciting plot could possibly unfold now? In case you didn’t guess it, Kobato & Maria argue. I was astonished. How could two cute loving girls like that possibly find something to argue about? Well, after the first five sentences that each of them threw up, I was probably closer to suicide than I was to just giving up on the episode. I guarantee I will have nightmares later on and their voices will most definitely be heard throughout. Admittedly, Maria did look pretty cute when she wasn’t talking, and as much as I’m disappointed with myself, I found this to be hilarious;

Enough about that though, what’s important in this section is Kate. She calls and apparently knows that Maria is already there, and it turns out she took her there herself. So much for the “running away”. Kate constantly phones Kodaka to ask about Maria, to see if she’s okay. I didn’t think she was the type of person to care much about family, but I guess this sort of proves she does. This is a comedy though, so I don’t really care. That’s all sorted out though as Kate provides some hilarity when she starts ‘moaning’ suggestively on the phone after Kodaka has picked it up, asking what colour his underwear is. I really do love Kate’s character so far. Mainly because she’s funny, but also because she’s responsible for her sister too. It’s quite sad how she rarely appeared, and most likely won’t get much of a role in the future. Maybe this is good though. One of the two times she was actually shown, was just a fan service shot of her breasts. So I’m going to assume that’s all she’s really in it for, and hope she doesn’t get a bigger role, potentially ruining this series even more than Kobato already does.

Luckily, this episode wasn’t completely about the two disgusting creatures. The second half started off with the lovely neighbours club, and I sat up properly in hopes of learning some comedic genius. Amazingly; Rika still has no glasses. I guess they realised she does actually look better without them. It starts off slowly but soon the club starts to play the king’s game. I could have sworn they played this last season at the karaoke place, but that might have been a different anime. I’ve got to say I wasn’t too impressed with the orders they made. It was funny but instead of them playing for the laughs and daring, Sena & Yozora seemed to only be playing for attacks on each other. Kodaka soon ruined fixed this though, having people put orders into a box so they’d have to pick one out randomly when they became king. Yozora tried to fix the game though, sticking an order to the inside of the box. Not entirely sure how she managed to tape the paper to the side with everyone else there but.. yeah.

I assume she had planned it so she’d pick it when she was king, and Kodaka was 3. The order was for the king & number 3 to kiss. Sena didn’t know this, but took it anyway out of curiosity, even though she didn’t question the order at all afterwards. This pretty much secures that Yozora likes Kodaka and wants on. Oh yes. It also secures Sena liking Kodaka. Just as they’re about to do the kiss, Yozora gets in the way and it’s just, what the hell. This is the most obvious confession ever but hey we’re in an anime so we have no common sense and completely ignore it. They all believe that she just thinks it’s “wrong” and get on with the day. Sena seems upset but says to herself it wouldn’t be right just kissing from a game anyway. That’s a pretty smart thing for Sena to think, actually. Not letting your desires or lust get in the way of a true & romantic kiss that you hope will eventually come. I’m pretty excited for next weeks episode, regardless of annoyances. Kodaka’s dad thinking him and Sena are getting married. Woah. Usually stuff like this turns out to be nothing, and I’m willing to bet on that being right, but hopefully this turns out to be at least some sort of interesting event. However, I doubt this means they’re engaged.

Oh yeah, I lied. I want more Kate.
And I want Kobato or Maria to “disappear”. Preferably both.


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