JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episodes 13, 14 & 15

JoJo vs. The Ultimate Life-Form

Jojo has some huge balls for even attempting to tease Santana. He has no idea at the powers Santana posses, or what he can do. He might just seem like some caveman, but the pillar men have more knowledge than a mere person would have. They’ve been living longer than two thousand years.

Now, I guess they’re trying to give us an idea at how fast these ‘Pillar men’ can evolve. Since, they show us how Santana can learn to take apart a gun by just looking at it. Yet, military men take intense courses to learn how to disassemble them just incase it jams in battle. But, here we see Santana learning how to do it in a minute. I’m not sure if Santana even knows what he’s capable of, since Cars, AC/DC, and Wham all know what they can do. Santana might just be a lower class Pillar man.

Jojo may not be as smart as the pillar men, but he definitely is very crafty. He couldn’t land a hit on Santana from the outside, and he knew he can be absorbed by him. So, that was his chance to attack. Santana absorbed his arm and that was his chance to hit him. He used a ripple and cut him in half. This was their opportunity to get light into the building. Santana has some weird powers, I guess you could say. He put kinda like, blood leeches onto Jojo’s leg to suck his blood. Stroheim thought it’d be great idea to open the door for Joseph, but what wasn’t a good idea was that little victory speech he gave. I mean, seriously? If you would have shut your mouth up and just opened the door, you wouldn’t have had to lose a leg, and blow yourself up. Even if you went out with a bang, Santana still lived on. Santana isn’t very smart either, because he jumped into a well during noon that reflected the sun and turned him into stone.

Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times

Joseph sets off to Italy to meet up with Ceasar, Will Zeppelis grandson. As he complains about his food being black, Ceasar is off being a playboy. Their reactions to each other are fantastic. Jojo just sits there yelling “OH MY GOD THEY’RE LETTING THAT ROMANCE BULLSHIT SLIDE?” While Ceasar just continues to make this woman swoon over him. Our buddy Joseph uses his ripples to humiliate Ceasar, but he just threw it back at Jojo and ended up making him look like a fool.

Speedwagon gathered them to speak but they both don’t really like each other. Ceasar thinks he’s superior because his grandfather died protecting the people, while Jonathan got him killed. They ended up having a little scuffle. Ceasar used his ripple on a woman, to fight Joseph, while Jojo kissed a pigeon and put it in her mouth. Since,  ya know. Ceasar is such a play boy he’s bound to kiss her again. So he got a mouthful of Pigeon.

I really really love the ridiculous humor, and stupid things that go on in this anime. It’s the highlight of my Saturday morning. Though, there’s really weird things that happen too, like how Wham had awoken majestically. He leaped like a ballerina, connecting the nazis together and then sucking their life force out. I mean, What? The Pillar Men, Cars, AC/DC, and Wham are really fabulous. I mean, how can you go wrong with sassy majestic men? Well, that’s how every guy is in Jojo.

Qualification of a Hero

Aside from their will to rule the world, the Pillar Men are some pretty nice guys. I mean, I bet you could have a decent conversation and some tea with them. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. They’ve got no time to waste with anyone they consider ‘of lower class’. So maybe tea time won’t happen.

So, we’ve got Joseph Jokestar and Playboy Zeppeli attempting to go up against Wham. They’re both airheads for even thinking they had a chance at going up against those three. Even if the Nazi’s are human, they still wiped out the entire military force that was there. If Wham and them really wanted to get rid of our boys for the sake of them being mystic men, they could have. They have enough pride not to deal with ‘weaklings’ that have no chance against them. Admittedly, Jojo and Caesar both have good techniques, they just have to get stronger. Joseph is a huge airhead, but he comes up with the brightest ideas. Even if they could kill him. His cowering scheme worked out in his favor.

Reluctantly, Wham decided to spare poor Jojo, and gave him a month to train. In that month, he’ll also be married to Wham and AC/DC. How cute. Once that month is up, they’ll fight for their lives. The poison in the wedding bands will slowly kill him on the 33rd day.


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