JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 16

Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa

31 days until the rings melt. Leaving no time to waste for Joseph. Especially since his first training lesson takes 3 long days.

As the boys get to Venice; we meet Caesars teacher, Lisa Lisa. Immediately she puts Jojo to a test to see how powerful his ripples are. With no former training, she’s impressed, but he’s still pretty much a weakling. She puts a handy little mask on Jojo, so he has limited air at one breath, to help him control his breathing to use the ripple better. While he has this mask on, he’s also put to extreme tests. It’s the fastest way to train him. Jojo quickly catches up to Caesars ability after watching him for a day. He’s a pretty fast learner for never having any previous training. It only took him 3 days to learn some tricks. Those days can teach you a lot. Having no food, and the only way out is to use your ability. He’s got some crafty ideas up his sleeve, sadly it didn’t work out. As the pillar rejects anything that doesn’t involve the ripple.

It’s really amusing seeing how much Caesar actually cares about Jojo. Especially when he got through the ripple barrier. The character interactions are great. On top of that, our Jojo acts like a huge tough guy, but he’s pretty much a precious, naive baby.

We’re left off at 7 days.


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