JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 17

Weave an Intricate Trap

We find out Lisa Lisa has the Stone Asia. Wham, ACDC, and Cars being the guys they are, have been searching for it. Luckily enough for Joseph, only ACDC has located it so far. Leaving his master Loggings dead and him ready to fight for his life.


So, Joseph had to go for his final test. To defeat Loggings. As he approach the area, he saw ACDC who had just killed Loggings. Kicking a hole into his chest to puncture his lungs. It was a surely a one kick K.O. As Jojo examines his masters body, ACDC casually walks away. Thinking nothing of Jojo being there. and he CASUALLY. I shit you not, casually walks on the spiked field. Just seeing the spikes cut through his feet gave me the heebie jeebies. We all know Jojo, and he just uses his fancy ripples to walk on the spikes, unlike his opponent.

You go, Jojo!

Joseph tries to prove to ACDC that he’s learned a lot in the past 3 weeks. He ends up putting his finger through the pillar mans hand. As ACDC was distracted trying to twist his arm, Jojo does a fabulous jump, wrapping wire around the pillar mans  arm. Slicing it off with the ripple. The pillar man goes from deadly, to cry baby in a matter of seconds. The poor guy starts wailing and grossly sobbing. Must suck losing an arm, huh? He quickly pulls himself together as if nothing happens leaving a line “I’m a little more emotional than the rest of the pillar men. I just need a good cry sometimes.”

ACDC, get yo’ shit together.

After pulling himself together, he takes Loggings arm to use as his own. ACDC has a really weird move. That’s pretty gross itself. He can use his veins to shoot blood out and burn people? I mean. Wow. Kinda grossly interesting. Jojo doesn’t take any of his crap after his sexy lips get burnt from the boiling blood. He uses his hat to tie around the spikes, and trap ACDC. The pillar man does the same thing with his veins, but to cut Jojo’s string. Jojo weaved it in a way that wouldn’t really ruin the strings length, and that got ACDC off guard, as Jojo wrapped him in the string, sending a ripple right through him.

Jeez Caesar. Stop checkin’ up on your boyfriend.

While we have this little fight going on, Caesar passes his test. As soon as he gets the chance, he gets some binoculars to check up on his boyfriend Jojo. Shocked to see ACDC, they kinda just sit there for a few minutes. I don’t get why they didn’t straight away leave instead of watching. But, eh. They made the right choice to protect Lisa Lisa. They skedaddle, leaving Jojo to finish ACDC off. I honestly think Jojo killed ACDC too quickly. I mean, of course the next episode leaves off with his brain still alive. But it was all too fast. Luckily Jojo got the ring, and drank the snot antidote. Leaving him with one less ring, and one less thing to worry about.


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