Magi Episode 16

The Sixteenth Night: Solomon’s Wisdom

Look, I don’t actually like this premise. Everything was resolved last week, and there was no need for Kassim to turn up and do all of this. In fact, I question if anyone in a sane mode of a mind would ever do this. If he wants to make the monarchy pay… then attack them! Don’t pick on innocents and bystanders.

The big problem is that I don’t think it actually helps Alibaba’s character development at all, The demon itself is actually nothing new, what with it just growing off people’s fear and people’s hatred towards the world. I think that the most interested thing about this evil Djinn is that he caused Sinbad to falter and actually managed to injure him. Oddly enough, I actually think that this episode caused Alibaba to devolve in his character development, if that’s even possible. That is, until Judal turned up yet again and caused a little bit of fun.

See, Judal’s pretty much beefed up with all of the dark rukh that’s flying around, and thanks to his appearance, everyone’s pretty much screwed. Sinbad’s out the picture, Alibaba’s almost out of magoi, Morgiana can’t do anything against a gravity demon… It all comes down to Aladdin, returning from Solomon’s palace with the wisdom that he’s gained. It’s also pretty strange, since Judal’s appearance has made Alibaba change his character around yet again, back to way that he was.

All that aside, god it felt good to see Aladdin back. He seems to have gotten over Ugo completely whilst still showing the elements of Aladdin’s spirit that he needed to, and thanks to Solomon’s knowledge, he’s learned how to bring a shadow of Ugo back into the world with him through magic, and I really like that he was the voice of reason that hit people over the head and told them to stop prating around, even if he didn’t do it directly. Now that some sense has been knocked into Alibaba and the people are acting like real citizens, it looks like we’ve got a pretty interesting episode or two coming up…especially if those people actually find Sinbad and give him back his vessels  For now, though, this episode is one of those with a middling start and a pretty awesome ending.


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