Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episode 16

I’ve Always Loved You

This week, Sorata’s next presentation comes around on the clock, taking place in the afternoon, but for the morning, there’s time to include some Jin related issues. However, anyone looking for an easy resolution to Jin and Misaki’s relationship issues would be let down, as all we achieve is Jin running away even further.

Moving onto Sorata’s presentation, he manages to nail it pretty nicely for once, and even though he only “half passed”, he’s going to fully pass pretty shortly after a meeting or two to sort out the finance issues that his game had and how it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect it to sell enough copies to make a proper profit. It’s actually a pretty interesting situation that Sorata’s gotten himself into, and I really think that he deserves to pass because he game actually sounds interesting.

Finally, we’ve got the after-party. Sorata and Nanami are all friendly and caring with each other, as Sorata’s really thankful for the encouragement and all the help, but this just makes Shiina get ever so slightly jealous. With her going as far as to eavesdrop on Sorata and Nanami practising her play together, she’s reached a rather awkward spot in her life and her manga writing. However, what with the audition falling on Valentines Day, and with Sorata favouring Nanami more and more every episode that passes, i’m actually expecting a lot from this Valentine’s Day episode, for once. However, I think that even if no conclusion comes to the romance, I think it’ll be fascinating to see how the romance all fails to make a conclusion.


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