Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 4

Episode 04

-One of them is a Man!-

This has got to be the funniest cliché theme park episode I’ve ever seen. That’s because it wasn’t cliché at all, and instead took a more spontaneous approach.

Before I get to that, I have to say that my prediction was right; the engagement turned out to be nothing interesting at all. Sena’s Dad was just drunk, and all the things about Kodaka and Sena being engaged were just want he wanted to happen rather than what was reality. What really matters is how Kodaka said to his Dad on the phone that he can’t even get friends, so how would he get a girlfriend. What a load of. Really? He still doesn’t realise that all these people at the neighbours club are his friends. There’s a limit to how stupid somebody can be, even if they are the protagonist of a mediocre anime. This is the one problem that ruins the show. It doesn’t so much make it bad, it just frustrates me how they can all be so dense and believe they have no friends. Ah but wait; it’s poorly written anyway. Yozora clearly thinks Kodaka is her friend after she realised friends can kiss friends in episode 2. Yet she also says in the exact same episode that she wants to “practice exchanging answers for when she makes friends”. But anyway so long as the writers keep the rest of it intact I won’t mind too much. I just hope they can all at least note each other as friends at the end of the series.

Let’s get to it then; THEME PARK. As soon as Sena showed those tickets I was like.. ugh. I was just ready to turn it off and go for some self-immolation because I have seen way too many theme park episodes in my time and they are far from exciting. However it turned out to be pretty damn good; mainly because of a hilarious rollercoaster scene. This is when I love comedy the most, when it can create a fast paced scene and make every second of it so funny that you’re continuously laughing at joke after joke. Everyone on the coaster was acting carefree and sort of egging on the coaster to “do it’s worst”, when they all suddenly changed into individual personalities which were either scared, emotionless, or scary themselves. I’m not sure if Maria shouting “poop” constantly as a substitute for more adult only words was the funniest part, or if Rika’s intimate involvement with the rollercoaster took it. There’s so much that happened in this scene but it’s impossible to write about it all. It’s probably an acquired humour though, so watching it may not give you the satisfaction I got.

Shortly after this Kobato is attacked by Sena (again) and invited to some sort of show in the Theme Park, featuring those.. magical girl things. The one that Kobato likes anyway. I may be wrong but I think Sena wants to be close to Kobato to get close to Kodaka. It’s obvious she likes him, so clearly getting close to his sister would help. There’s nothing worse than having a sister who doesn’t like your partner. Speaking of Kobato, her “enemy” of the show, Maria, is actually proving to be less annoying than I thought. For the whole of this episode she didn’t once annoy me, and instead she actually made me laugh twice. That’s like, 2 times more than usual. It also helps that she doesn’t wear her nun outfit outside of school. It really is an off putting aspect of her. When she’s being funny and is wearing normal clothes, she’s actually quite cute. It’s interesting how in even such a simple anime like this, characters that aren’t major have multiple sides to them.

In other areas of the theme park, Yozora and Sena are riding the rollercoaster over and over again until one of them gives up. Giving up doesn’t seem to be what either of them tend to do. It actually made me feel sick looking at the two of them puke up, and I’ve got to say I’m not exactly a fan of that. That is not interesting in the slightest though, but what’s coming up will blow your mind. Yukimura is your typical trap. Looks like a sweet, cute girl; is actually a guy. Well, so we thought. During a bath scene with Yukimura, Maria, and Kodaka we find out something very different. Maria questions why Yukimura doesn’t have the same “parts” as Kodaka. You can imagine how he’d react when he learns that the “guy” washing his back while they’re both naked suddenly doesn’t seem as male as he was before. Yeah, Yukimura is a trap, who’s actually a girl. So she’s a trapped trap? I have no.. trapception.. idea. How they didn’t realise this before I do not know. It seems a bit like it’s to force the harem thing, since Kodaka is the only guy now, but we’ll see.

More importantly, Yukimura seemed to be pretty upset about being a girl. It’s quite sad since she genuinely thought she was a guy (family problems). Kodaka reassures her it’s fine though, and allows her to carry on going on as she did before. What I really didn’t understand is why Yozora got so frustrated after this was revealed. She mentions her “plan’s” never go her way, or something like that. Of course I assumed this meant Yozora had known all along that Yukimura was a girl and was hiding it for some unknown reason, but it may be because she’s worried about Kodaka possibly falling for Yukimura now. Either way, I’m going to say Yozora’s “plan” is to have a more involving relationship with Kodaka. It’ll be nice to find out Yozora had some master plan all along, but I doubt this. She’s smart, but with it being such a light hearted anime it seems a bit over the top. So for now I’m going with her being jealous of Yukimura.


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