Tamako Market Episode 5

We Spent The Night Together

Tamako Market episode 5

As the school trip to the beach is finally here, it gives Mochizou a chance to maybe confess to Tamako his feelings about her. But, the shy boy hasn’t got the guts to do it, so only one person (or bird) could step in and help the poor guy. Dela Mochiyucky…

This is definitely the best episode of the series so far. And it’s making me wish it was summer already!

Tamako, Midori and Kanna all decide to head out swimming at the pool for the day, to get in some practice before they go to the beach for a school trip, in which they’ll complete a long distance swimming test in the sea. It… Sounds a little bit dangerous to be swimming so far out in the sea, but I’m not going to question it. It’s just an anime.

Meanwhile in Rice Cake Oh!Zee, Mochizou fans himself, his forehead dripping with sweat on such a hot summer’s day, and yet he still has to work at the shop. Only the lovely Tamako can cheer him up, as she invites him to come along to the pool! Although he still can’t go, Midori thinks it’d be a bad idea to invite Mochizou to the pool. He could see them wearing their swimsuits (not like he’d already see them on the school trip anyway…)! Tamako apologizes, and the trio soon head off, leaving Mochizou slowly dying in the summer heat.

And now, for Dela’s famous “love” quote for this week: “Summer has come. And with it, hearts boil over. Where do her feelings lie now?” Whose feelings? Midori? Kanna? Tamako? I still feel like we have so much more to learn about these girls, and we’re nearly half way through the series. I feel like we still don’t know much about the mysterious Kanna either yet. We already had episodes dedicated to learn more about Tamako, Midori and Shiori, but I’m still a little curious to know more about Kanna. If anything, in this very episode, I realised that Kanna might actually be my favourite character from the series.

As Tamako, Midori, Kanna, and their new friend Shiori finally make their way to the pool, practice is under way! Especially for poor Tamako. She can’t even swim. I don’t know how on earth she’ll be able to swim in the sea by herself. Equipped with her armbands, Midori helps Tamako learn how to swim. As Midori lets Tamako try and swim by herself for a bit she… Doesn’t actually get anywhere. This could take a while. For those who hoped to get a glimpse of Tamako looking all cutesy in a swimsuit (which was exactly what Mochizou was daydreaming about…), in fact all you’d ever see was her flailing about trying to learn how to swim. You can’t help but love her anyway. Tamako has been struggling to learn how to swim for a while now, so it seems. And it’s not only Tamako who doesn’t know how to swim: Kanna can’t either, although in a way, she’s miles better than Tamako at swimming, since she can actually get somewhere.

Back at Rice Cake Oh!Zee, Mochizou seems to be deep in thought about something… Tamako? Yep, Tamako. He’s so madly in love with the girl, but she’s so dense she still can’t realise. Even Dela, who soon tries to give the poor boy some advice on how to try and confess to Tamako, knew straight away who he loved. Mochizou was so easy to read.

As the day comes to an end, Anko and her grandfather sit together, relaxing in the Kitashirakawa household, when they can hear some murmurring. They look over, to see Tamako completely exhausted, as she lay on the floor fast asleep. She was sleeptalking. “Anko, come here… Just come up to breathe.” It seems Tamako is really determined to be able to complete the long distance swimming test.

The day of the school trip is here! As Tamako, Midori, Kanna and Shiori all eagerly wait to get on the school bus there, Mochizou watches from a distance, to hear rustling coming from his bag… Dela?! Gah. That bird is such a pain. Maybe you’ll find your bride whilst on the school trip, hm, Dela?

Finally, as they reach the hostel they’d be staying in, Tamako, Midori, Shiori and Kanna all settle into their rooms, whilst Mochizou finds somewhere quiet outside. He unzips his bag, and begins to talk to Dela again, who has given him various ideas on how Mochizou could ask Tamako out or confess to her. He had written a letter to Tamako, and he was going to ask Dela to deliver it to her, since boys weren’t allowed in the girls rooms. Dela asks Mochizou to read the letter he had written to him… Just as Midori was heading back down to the school bus to collect her bag. Midori overhears the pair talking, and becomes curious to know what on earth is going on. But, since Mochizou is so easy to read, she knew right away who that letter was for. She walks over, and Mochizou becomes all embarrassed. He tries to hide the letter, but Midori already knows who it is for and what’s going on: It’s too late. Would she be approving of it, or would she be completely disgusted and tell Mochizou to lay his hands off Tamako? Well, we can only find out later. As Midori heads back upstairs, Mochizou hands Dela the letter (and hey, it seems like he’s lost some weight, since he managed to fly up to their bedroom window which was open), but… Uh oh. Midori rushes to the window and slams it shut. Tamako, as dense as ever, didn’t know what was going on and just completely shrugged it off. Gah. So frustrating. Isn’t it obvious he loves you, Tamako?!

As the day becomes night, the school decides to have a campfire on the beach. As Tamako, Kanna and Shiori roast mochi on the campfire (I could have sworn you roasted marshmallows, not mochi…), Midori decides to have a little chat to Mochizou. I actually got a bit annoyed at this part and I can’t really say I like Midori’s character much anymore after this. Since she knew what was going on, she begins to yell at Mochizou for even thinking about giving Tamako the letter, calls him a stalker, tells him Tamako only thinks of him as a friend and that either way, Midori is Tamako’s best friend. Like what? Talk about a bitch! If I were Midori, I’d have maybe let Mochizou down gently rather than just yelling at him. He can’t help the way he feels! Besides, he’s barely a stalker at all: he can’t help the fact he lives right opposite Tamako, hence why he sees her all the time! Gah. It frustrated me so much. Unfortunately, Dela soon chases over and jumps onto Mochizou’s head during the middle of the argument, after a cat started chasing him. He soon manages to detect what was going on, and gives the two some advice. Suddenly, Tamako, Shiori and Kanna all run over and ask Midori and Mochizou to come join them by the campfire, although Mochizou declines the invitation and walks off. I actually felt kind of sorry for him at that point… Poor Mochizou…

Still determined to find his bride, Dela seems to be deep in thought about many things, as the day of the swimming test comes round, although it seems like he wouldn’t be getting much peace, as a seagull begins to chase him round the beach now. Since the boys swimming test was complete, it was now time for the girl’s. Mochizou waves at Tamako (and I’m sure many fangirls squee’d as their noses bled at the sight of a shirtless Mochizou), although Midori still seems to be annoyed at Mochizou, and quickly drags her away.

Half way through the swim test, Midori and Tamako stop to rest at the half way point (finally, Tamako’s finally managed to get somewhere)! Midori asks Tamako what she thinks of Mochizou. She just merely says “He’s a childhood friend. Also a mochi-making buddy.”. It looks like Mochizou just got friendzoned. When Midori suddenly asks Tamako what she thought of her instead, Tamako simply says “I love you!”… I-is Tamako actually a lesbian instead? … In which case, Mochizou, you’ll never have a chance with Tamako.

Later on that evening, the school let off fireworks on the beach. Tamako, Shiori and Kanna all gaze and watch the lovely fireworks in the sky, as Midori and Mochizou decide to have a chat again. It seems Midori has changed her mind a little bit on Mochizou, and has become a little more understanding. She says to him “If you’ve got something to tell her, then tell her”. Was Mochizou actually going to confess to Tamako? Either way, it seems he’s changed his mind now on telling her, and as Tamako invites both Mochizou and Midori to come watch the fireworks with them, I can safely say I think my opinion on Midori changed a little bit by this point, although I can still say she’s my least favourite character out of them all. Meh.

As Kanna, Tamako and Mochizou all shout their mochi shop names into the sky, it seems like the school trip really was a lot of fun for some!

And here we are again, back on another sweltering hot summers day. Tamako, Kanna and Midori are all off swimming together again, and as Tamako spots Mochizou sweating to death in his mochi shop, she simply winks at him, holding a thumb up, walking off, the others all copying as they do. It seems like love is in the air. Awwww.


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