Berserk the Golden Age Chapter II: The Capture of Doldrey

Berserk Movie II


I just caught the second installment of this fantasy epic last night. All I can say is WOW! I was absolutely blown away. As a huge fan of the manga I was very pleased.

The story leaves where the last one left off. After Gutt’s overhears Griffith’s speech on how he only considers his equals as friends, Gutt’s begins to second guess why he’s following Griffith in the first place. After all, because of Griffith’s orders, Gutt’s ended up killing an innocent kid by accident. One thing I found interesting that I didn’t actually notice until reading a review was that the movie seems more like you’re discovering what kind of characters they are rather than a gradual development. Since, if you’re a fan of the manga, Griffith certainly has something to hide!

The thing about both installments of the movies is that they managed to capture something I felt the original series couldn’t: atmosphere. The battles themselves are far grander in scale, the music accompanying them fits excellently, and hell, even the CGI manages to stay excellent during the movie. I did notice a few problems – mainly with some of the slow motion scenes, though that’s nothing I can’t look past. The CGI didn’t annoy me at all.

The seiyuu’s themselves managed to do good jobs in their own right. However, this is where Gutt’s seiyuu really shined in the original series. I didn’t feel his current seiyuu did as good a job, but it was admirable. Griffith’s managed to capture his charisma and character, and Casca’s did the same I felt. The animation certainly improved the overall performance of the voice acting, though it wasn’t the focus for me

As for the manga, I can’t really recall what scenes they left out. Both movies managed to animate all my favourite parts(assassination, Zodd the Immortal, Gutt’s vs 100 men) from this arc. I can’t really complain about how the movies are progressing the story since I’m getting all the same information I can remember. Mimi informed me they cut some stuff out of both movies, but I can personally do without the homo-erotic scenes.

All I can say is that I really enjoyed this. I was ready to pass out before watching, but my eyes were glued to the screen. The battle scenes, particularly the capture of Doldrey itself, were excellently animated and managed to rival Lord of the Rings in term of scale; all of the best scenes in the manga were animated beautifully and fully; the CGI wasn’t distracting at all for me; the length of the movie could have certainly been 3 hours long with all the material they can use, though its run time worked for me as well. So far, both installments of Berserk won’t disappoint everyone who has been waiting in my opinion unless they can’t stand CGI.

Justin’s Score: 9/10 Meeps

Mimi’s Score: 9/10 Meeps

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